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15 creative ideas for wedding favors

by:COSCO     2020-07-15
Some brides don\'t like the idea of giving gifts to their guests.
However, this is a great gesture to thank you for taking part in your very special day.
These wedding gifts are stylish, fun and practical.
Practical is particularly good.
Here are 15 interesting and creative tents wedding tips. 1.
Fondant is the favorite of delicious cheap weddings.
You can wrap it up with white tulle and tie it up with White Ribbon.
Add a label with little information such as \"Love Is Sacred.
Keep in mind that divinity does not manifest well at high humidity. 2.
Standard candles are also good for low candles
Wrapped in tulle, tied tightly with a ribbon, insert a small flower on the ribbon. 3.
Like citrus or any other kind of tree, saplings are something that everyone will appreciate.
People will always think of the idea that your tents wedding is a creative wedding favor.
You should wrap the plastic pan in disguise. 4.
Flowers or seed bags are a highlight of the wedding.
You can pack in any style that suits your wedding.
Tie with a ribbon, paper or Lafia. 5.
Make a glass marker with wire and beads.
You can get instructions at the craft store.
One at the wedding is enough.
Wrap it in a small box and tie it with a ribbon. 6.
A sachet made of lavender.
Make a small bag with lace and sew on three sides.
Put lavender in and sew it on the fourth side.
Make an attachment with a small silk flower.
The potatoes in the lanyard bag made of tulle or lace are also beautiful and smell good. 7.
Almost all people like herbs.
Buy some small ones and put the plastic container in a small clay pot.
To disguise the plastic planter, you should put some moss on the top.
Add a beautiful label with care instructions and attach it to the ribbon around the pot. 8.
Strawberries are the most creative ideas at weddings.
It can be arranged in the same way as herbs.
Anything in this season is a good choice. 9.
Candy, like M & MS, kiss or hug, mint, a nice piece of chocolate, looks great in the cupcake liner.
You can buy it in different sizes and colors. 10.
Buy M and M in your wedding color, put it in a plastic bag and tie the ribbon. 11.
If you are planning a wedding outdoors, you can consider buying an umbrella for a dollar.
You can wrap them in ribbons in your color.
This is only for smaller wedding parties, but it is a great gift to help protect guests from bad weather or sunshine. 12.
Buy pure chocolate bars in bulk or miniatures.
Print out the new labels you personalize for yourself and wrap them around the bar. 13.
Burn your own CD with your favorite songs.
You can include the first dance song, cake.
Cut songs, etc.
You should print the CD cover with your photo.
A good idea is to include your favorite songs on the CD
Not just the wedding! 14.
If your wedding is held on Christmas Day, give each guest a Christmas ornament.
Take a regular spherical ornament and personalize it with a brush with your name and wedding date. 15.
Are you and your goal to share a love for something special?
Are you a huge fan of Nascar or do you like to play golf?
Arrange your wedding around these features.
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