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all about wedding lighting

by:COSCO     2020-07-18
Lighting is often overlooked when discussing wedding decorations.
This is unfortunate because lighting can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your wedding for a relatively small investment.
Proper lighting can turn an ordinary room into an amazing piece of art.
In addition to changing the room, lighting of different types and colors can create different atmosphere and mood throughout the evening.
The first step in wedding lighting is to turn off any fluorescent lighting in the room;
You are attending the wedding, not in the office building!
After the fluorescent lights disappear, it\'s time to create your elegant lighting design using gobos, upligts, pin spot and smart lighting.
When using lights as part of a wedding decoration, the first element you should consider is to have your name in the lights.
Project your wedding letter or name onto the dance floor or background to produce the biggest \"wow\" effect at the least cost.
This is a very chic and charming decoration that will surprise your guests when they first walk into the room, which makes your photos great.
This is done by using dedicated lighting and gobo.
Gobo is a special metal or glass disc that enters the luminaire to produce the desired pattern anywhere the light is projected.
Gobos in pre-
Make a pattern, or you can customize a pattern for you with any artwork you like.
In addition to having your name projected onto the dance floor or wall, gobos can also be used to project patterns that correspond to your wedding theme.
Read more about the gobos wedding here.
The second element of wedding lighting is usually lighting.
Upside lighting includes placing lighting equipment around the room, pointing to walls or other building equipment.
The high wall creates a light column that bathes the room in a beautiful glow.
The color of the lift is coordinated with your wedding color scheme to tie everything together.
The number that needs to be lifted depends on the size of the room and the desired effect.
There are two categories of uplink lighting equipment;
Traditional par cans and LED.
LED uplink Heights is the latest technology and has several advantages over traditional fixtures.
The power consumed by LED lamps is much smaller than the old-
Vintage par tank.
Many times, all lifts can run from a single power outlet, which is very important in venues with limited power supply.
Traditional lighting equipment can get hot and pose a risk to children who like to touch the lights.
LED lights stay cool throughout the event.
LED lighting is usually \"smart\", meaning it can be programmed to produce millions of colors from a single unit and can be controlled to change the color, intensity, fading speed, create different moods throughout the night, etc.
As the cocktail ends and dinner begins, and then the dance begins, the walls of your venue will change from one color to another, which can produce some really dramatic effects.
The disadvantage of LED lighting is that rent is usually much more expensive than traditional lighting equipment, because the cost of lighting equipment is much higher than that of traditional lighting equipment.
Another drawback is that it is difficult for LED fixtures to produce some colors very well.
The two biggest factors that determine which type of lighting will suit you are;
What colors are you using and how much power your site has.
Contact the lighting specialist to let them know what you are looking for and they will tell you which lighting works best for you.
Another popular effect is to use the gobo pattern in the dance floor and clean the dance floor when coordinating colors.
Cleaning is a lighting term that means filling an area with light.
Washing your dance floor will make it truly stand out and become the focus of the celebration.
You can also clean the walls, ceiling, entrance or any area you want to highlight.
If you have a carefully crafted floral pattern or center on the table, it is usually a good idea to find pins.
The Pin is the place where the lamps are installed throughout the room, providing a \"mini Spotlight\" for the central components \".
Pin spotting is a very eye-catching effect that really highlights the central part of you and shows the full grandeur of them.
Your florist will love it and it will make your photos great!
Smart lighting if you are planning a wild party later in the evening and want more contemporary advantages for your tents wedding, you should consider smart dance floor lighting.
Many DJ companies have smart lighting, but the quality varies a lot, so you should ask to see at least a video of their lighting system.
Intelligent lighting is one step higher than ordinary DJ lighting.
Lamps can be programmed by a dedicated controller or computer software.
The function and ability of intelligent lighting far exceeds that of ordinary lighting, which is only limited by the imagination of users.
With the controller, the lighting designer can control the pattern, speed, color and many other functions of the lamp.
In addition, they are usually brighter, more colorful, and more color combinations than ordinary lighting.
Smart lighting is the type of lighting you will see at night clubs and concerts.
These lights can add a lot of energy and real \"wow factor\" to your activities \".
There are a variety of other lighting options that make your wedding truly amazing and unique.
For more information, please contact the Chicago wedding lighting professional for MDM special event lighting.
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