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Aluminum alloy fabricated outdoor awning room should pay attention to when buy what three elements

by:COSCO     2020-08-17
Now more and more companies need to buy tent, they care most about a problem is the awning room price, but the price is not invariable awning room, there are many factors that can affect the awning room price, demand awning room prices. And each customer has a different to the requirement of awning room requirements, and hope can quickly match well as far as possible a tent can satisfy the demands of more space for outdoor activities. So after many years of experience and the running-in, says there integration on the three factors that influence the awning room price for everyone to see what had happened. Factor 1: tent tent material for material should be the most important factor to affect the awning room, awning room material determines the awning room safety and service life, be in like aluminum awning room than ordinary steel structure awning room is much better, coupled with the high quality PVC fiber cloth and a variety of wall type choice, although relatively ordinary awning room is a bit higher price, but you can bring more stable, more secure, more practical, awning room is more cost-effective. Factor 2: tent if the application of the housing supporting in tent and other large-scale activities for tents wedding, exhibition, warehousing, also need to consider a factor is the awning room supporting. For these events is the role of awning room shade shelter so simple, want to activity held successfully, will give to come to participate in frame tent experience for users of high-quality! So within the awning room facilities must be perfect, for example: air conditioning, floor, droplight, cloth curtain, stage acoustics, etc. , and these factors will affect the price of tent. manufacturer for three factors: many people may think that small workshops provide awning room the price will be lower, but for high quality tent on the contrary, small tent manufacturer for lack of advanced production equipment and technology, production of awning room costs will be higher, they can only provide simple awning room. As a large frame tent manufacturer says there awning room, tent research and development for many years of production experience, make its can more effectively reduce the production cost, and provide perfect after-sales service, can be said to spend a penny, can come very returns.
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