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carnation flower pomander tutorial

by:COSCO     2020-07-28
How to make flower balls, also known as kissing balls, is simple and fun.
When used as a center, wedding aisle decoration, or held by flower children, Pomanders have a great influence in the event.
Creating these beautiful floral arrangements does not require design experience, although you can really create something special if you have a good pair of eyes.
This tutorial will focus on fresh floral carnations pomander, but the technique is the same if you want to blossom on other flowers.
Just choose a flower with a tenacious stem like a rose or an African chrysanthemum.
High quality silk flowers can also create beautiful flower pomander.
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Carnations material
DIY floral wedding or party decor fresh floral foam balls. 2\\\"-
The month \"is held by the best handmade pomanders. 6\\\"-
8 \\ \"and upward will create a very big event.
If it is made of silk, it is made of foam plastic balls, which are cheap and light.
You may also want a hot glue gun to make sure the fake flowers are fixed on the foam.
Plenty of distilled water to replenish the flowers, soak the flower foam, and also large buckets or many barrels to preserve the stems.
Buying and transporting multi-gallon water is a daunting task for the groom and his groomsmen.
Wholesale carnations in bulk.
There are some great online stores that sell flowers in bulk.
Click here to see a link to some bulk flower sellers.
Pearl, gem or ribbon for adding decoration.
This is completely optional.
If planning to hang, create a powerful loop for the ribbon with a flower belt or flower line.
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Wholesale flowers shipped in suspended condition, will not be fully open without proper re-openinghydration.
They should be placed in a cool dark room with lots of fresh distilled water to drink.
Consult the wholesale companies of your choice for specific directions as they will vary depending on the flowers.
If you spray a clay tank, I would recommend sealing the paint with a transparent coating.
We sent the guests home and arranged the flowers because I didn\'t wear a transparent coat and a lot of people ended up treating the pots with silver hands.
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How to build bamboo --
With flowers or silk, cute kiss balloons can be made at least 3 days before the event.
They will be shipped in suspended condition and will take at least 48 hours to replenish the moisture.
In addition, it will take you a day to assemble the floating cake.
I sent my flowers on Tuesday, assembled them on Thursday, and they were still fresh and beautiful at our wedding on Saturday night.
In fact, the arrangements kept them beautiful for the whole two weeks after the tents wedding.
I suggest beginners stick to carnations of one color.
The appearance of the solid color will hide the error and combine it together faster.
When your flower is ready, soak the flower foam in distilled water within the recommended time specified by the brand.
If you\'re going to hang or handle pomander by hand, you\'ll need to wrap the flower tape or wire around the flower foam, cross the tape or wire again and divide the ball into quarters.
Create a loop from the end of the wire or tape to slide your beautiful ribbon into it.
It is a good idea to test this drive as these drives can be heavy.
Cut off your carnations head at the angle of leave 1. 5\\\"-
Insert 2 \\ \"of the stem of the flower foam \\\".
Push the flower head until it sinks completely into the flower foam.
Form a wreath around the ball along a straight line.
Now, let\'s have another straight line of flowers perpendicular to your last line.
You will make 4 pieces of uncovered floral foam.
Fill in these parts with carnations.
Be careful not to leave any gaps.
Once completed, the ball can be placed on the table alone or on the table with other accessories.
You can put the pomander on a transparent cylinder vase or paint it with a pottery can.
Hanging them from the ceiling, arches, doorways or back of the chair also looks lovely.
Photos used by Ross Elliott under the Creative Commons.
Carnation is a very tenacious, beautiful and lasting flower.
They are also rich in color and are more economical and easier to care for than roses.
They take up quite a bit of surface space, which means you need less surface space to create a pomander.
A large 8-flower foam ball requires 100 carnations to be fully covered.
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Taste beautiful roses, button flowers, African chrysanthemum, hydrangea, peony, Lily, sunflower, Dahlia or regular Daisy.
Basically, any flower with tenacious stems can.
As for silk, almost all the flowers are treated with a little hot glue.
A cluster of silk flower balls made a beautiful nursery decoration.
Must like decorations that can be redecorated
After the wedding plan * blink, blink *.
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Using the box shipped in by carnations, we cut holes smaller than the lips of the pottery jar and gently put each hole into the hole.
This makes their transportation easier.
How to build the Porta Pomanders, sit in the mud and play different hands or hang the same steps for the use of the pomanderCreate Pomander, such as hanging pomander, however, using the following steps, leave empty space to connect the flowers to the flowerpot.
I found it easier to connect the ball to the jar in the process of making the pomander.
You will also need the following items: pomers will sit on the flower foam brick tile jar above and pick a jar a few inches smaller in diameter than your ball as you need these things to stay stable, to prevent paint from being applied to the pottery jar, the metallic feel looks great. To keep the paint painted on potswooden dowelsI, send flowers on Tuesday, let them soak in distilled water and open for two nights.
On Thursday afternoon, the flower foam ball was soaked and each carnations was cut into a stem of 2 inch and then trapped in the flower foam.
I left the bottom of the ball and put it on the pottery jar.
These floats are heavy, a 8 inch ball made a huge, heavy but impressive display!
In advance, I sprayed cheap pottery cans with metal silver paint.
It is better to spray a transparent coating to prevent the silver paint from rubbing off.
I didn\'t do that, and all the people who handled the cans ended up getting the silver paint.
To stick the pomander to the pottery jar, I used some brick-style floral foam and also soaked it and cut it into the jar, then stick several wooden pins into the flower foam of the flowerpot, carefully place the pomander on the top of the pin, gently push it firmly onto the base.
You want 2-
There are 3 pins in each jar to ensure that the ball cannot rotate or swing once on the base.
If you are making a smaller float, it may not be necessary to use as many pins as possible.
The night before the tents wedding, when Friday night was over, the flowers were stained with a bottle of distilled water.
We sent the flowers to me in the box, unsealed the box and cut it into small circles for each jar.
With a careful driver, they all succeeded!
My red carnations decoration looks spectacular on the aisle leading to the ceremony, moved inside and gathered on a long table looking for a beautiful focal point next to the dance floor.
At the end of the evening they were sent home as prizes with guests and they lasted most of the 2 weeks and some never again
Water foam.
You will be surprised how many people will be excited to bring the kissing ball home!
Carnations Pomanders are fun to make and I will do it again in a flash.
It does take up your precious lead.
preparation time, but it was a great group event to gather bridesmaids and other family members before the big day.
Tip: If you have already done your nails, wear a pair of latex gloves while handling the flowers to avoid any staining or fragmentation of your nails.
Note: The white column on my pomaners display is rental.
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Flower foam balls and pots-
Believe it or not, but a 4 \"flower foam ball will produce a big and heavy head.
I made the ball in size 4, 6 and 8.
8 \\ \"will be a hanging challenge, more suitable to sit on a vase or flowerpot.
To estimate the number of flowers required, 100 standard carnations will be required for a ball of 8.
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I ordered my carnations in bulk and ended up ordering a lot.
So we filled three plastic pallets with flower foam bricks and stuck carnations in them using the same process as pomanders.
Put the seat card on top and in front!
Simple, looks and smells great!
Why do I have a lion table?
Get to know my zoo wedding!
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