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creative ideas for wedding reception table decorations

by:COSCO     2020-07-15
While flowers are always a good feeling, sometimes you want to choose something more unique when decorating the desk at reception.
Here are some ideas.
Use them or be inspired by them! 1.
Other natural objects such as shells, stones and leaves can be neatly arranged to make them beautiful and cost-effective
Effective center.
You can fix them on cheap plates with adhesive or put them in the center of the table. 2.
Bright clear glass bottle
Unique colored sandals and eyes-Grab the piece.
This is a good idea for tents wedding or pollen allergy guests in the southwest. 3.
Do you and your partner have any hobbies that you like together?
Do you guys have a favorite band or a special movie for both of you?
Find a way to incorporate these into the unique dining table decoration. (
This works especially well for those with more pursuits, who may have accumulated a series of action characters that are now of little value to you except for emotion. )4.
A short, meaningful poem printed in attractive script fonts on special paper can be placed in a wire stand in the center of the table for thoughtful low-key decoration, the decoration will still speak on this occasion.
Lyrics can also be. 5.
Clear vase with live Betta fish, decorative pebbles and non-betta fish
Poisonous plants such as peace lily or flower tree.
These will certainly be a pleasure for everyone, especially for young tents wedding guests.
After the reception, Betta can go home with the members of the wedding party as an extra thank you
You, or any guest who wants a new pet.
If you don\'t like the idea of decorating a table with animals, skip the Betta and just stick flowers, water and decorative pebbles together. 6.
If you don\'t mind wiping all your faces away, you can get some extra photos of both of you (
Engagement Photo, silly, whatever you want
, Stick them on some card or building paper and fix them in a notepad stand.
You can also combine this with the fourth one: one side is your photo, followed by a poem or lyrics. 7. Keep it fun!
Pile up books in the middle of the table.
You can make them festivals with ribbons and scraps of paper, or keep them as they are.
The crossword game is perfect for this situation, as the entire form can work together to find clues. 8.
You can combine preferences with table decoration: put a bag of candy or candles in the middle of the table with the name of the guest.
Sprinkle it with some scraps of paper and glitter, from a bunch of things to a lovely functional center.
If you want, you can make them a wreath on the artificial vines of the craft store to make them more neat.
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