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Exhibition tent

Exhibition tent

The clear span tent of our exhibition tent can be 3m to 60m span , with an unlimited length. It can be flexible and convenient for all different kind of trade show and exhibitions because of their easy install and customized size and shape.


COSCO Clear span tents are built to the highest standards. We have rich exprience in exhibitions event, like Imtport and Export Commodities Fair( Zhuhai,Zhongshan, Jiangmen), Agricultural Fair, Beer festival, Auto Show.


At present, the temporary outdoor exhibition tents can quickly for a variety of exhibition hall, large fair and products exhibition provide more economic exhibition space of solutions. Erection, demolition easy, quick, not strict with the ground, either concrete or grass, soil can meet the construction requirements, temporary outdoor exhibition tent structure adopts aluminum alloy stent, tarpaulin with double coated PVC fabric, with anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, easy cleaning, etc. characteristics.



1) Span Width: 3m,6m,8m,9m,10m,12m,15m,18m,20m,21m,25m,30m,40m, 45m,50m,55m,60m.

2) Length: Unlimited, extended by 3m or 5m

3) Eave height: standard height from 2.5m, 3m, 4m to 5m (or special height per requested)

4) Accessories: wooden floor; decorative lining and curtain, glass door,;hard wall system ( isolated panels, ABS walls, alu-plastics panels, glass walls.etc); digital Printing Cover.

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