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Sport tent

Sport tent

With the customized Span with , length and side height, COSCO tent can provide you the best solution for your sport hall. Now more and more people love to do some exercises and have fun with friends through the sport, therefor more and more sporting hall will be needed in the future.

COSCO Tent provide enough space for security checking spots and lounge for athletes and referees but also enables you to make maximum use of sports court structures. No matter the weather is, our sporting event tents can make sure all matches carried out smoothly as scheduled.

Clear Span Structure Systems offers significant cost savings over a more traditional build along with short manufacturing and build times, plus the flexibility to adapt, relocate or sell the building at some point.

Standard Sports Structures are available in unlimited lengths and up to 4.00m eave height with widths ranging from 10.00m to 40.00m. Fully customized sizes and specifications are part of this range and are engineered to meet project and site specific requirements.

As the friendly , durable, safety, removable and attractive space solution for sport hall, COSCO Tents are faultlessly to built the structure to cover the ground, save the cost than the traditional concrete buildings. It can perfectly used for sports venues, including tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, badminton hall, martial arts museum and so on.

Please contact us if you have any interest for our tents.

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