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warehouse tent

warehouse tent

COSCO Aluminium and Pvc coated warehouse tent is a good choice for you to solve the storage problem for logistic industry in both peak and slack season. 


In term of structure, you can choose any width between 3m and 55m, and the length is unlimited and expandable. Inside the tent there is no pole and 100% space available. It is easy to be installed and dismantled, and it can fit to multi-functional system like lighting,fire protection, monitoring, drainage, electricity, ventilation, access control, lightning stroke protection. Advantaging with low costs, short assemble time and recycle, which means it can save labor costs and decrease the building period and improve the production rate by its easy transport and customized design and free spots choice.

Warehouse tents are widely used in manufacture and warehousing industry. COSCO Tent also can be customized based on the floor area of your project. Whether you choose a long-term lease or a direct purchase, warehouse tent, a cost-effective and flexible solution, can satisfy your growing needs of production and warehouse space.

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