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Exquisite production of a tent is how to set up for the wedding

by:COSCO     2020-08-25
tent and followed by one area for outdoor wedding season, some popular tent standard may in the demand for larger weekend is fully booking, so as soon as possible into budget you want is not always a bad idea. Climate: nobody wants to wedding in bad weather. Ready beforehand, however, assume that the emergency plan, guess a brief treatment of despair, also more worrying. The rain awning room, cocktail awning room can choose hidden type ( So the guest will not have early to set in reception tent) , join tents covered sidewalks ( For guests and catering staff use) And wet lawn area of the floor. Our side walls can be tarpaulin can be clear, sunny days can choose to face don't wai cloth around, rainy day wedding can choose transparent tarpaulins, around the frame tent can be put on a sunny afternoon, stay down at night. Assume that wedding plans a cold season, careful consideration in advance frame tent heater; The same, about a month of hot, don't forget the lease fan or awning room air conditioning. Do you want to talk it over with your catering service all aspects of the tent plan. First, find out during the tents wedding restaurant address, people working in the kitchen in both places, the kitchen is still to live the garage. Hypothesis can't set indoors, so you need in the main reception tent near has a dedicated catering/cooking frame tent.
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