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by:COSCO     2020-07-13
Indians always think their activities are big things.
Decoration has always played a vital role in this regard.
From weddings to naming ceremony decorations, there is a general desire to have the perfect arrangement throughout the country.
It\'s the tents wedding season again! All the brides-to-
And the groom-to-
Be is busy checking the perfect Indian wedding decor ideas for their long awaited day.
Although some people may consider being a self.
Decorators, it is best to use professional help, as these can save you time in dealing with other important issues.
However, take a look at the modern wedding decoration concept before making a final decision. 1. Theme-
Today, couples have chosen several wedding themes.
The theme sets the mood for the way you want your wedding.
So, what is the popular theme now? Vintage-
Color, lace, vintage, candle holder, garden
A new way to get married in mother natureFloral
Props such as elephants, peacocks, orchids, roses and sunflowers! Contemporary-
LED screen, Crystal, lights, any dark curtains!
Each theme has its own decoration to be maintained.
Use these stylish ideas in tents wedding stage decorations. 2.
At the cocktail party
Why not follow the popular theme of Indian cocktail party decoration? Go for-
Retro style party
Why not restore the past without tweeters, eyeliner with wings, dots and grooves?
Contemporary Theme
Use your social networking addiction at your wedding.
Why not name drinks after hot social media words, or name drinks in the background of social networking icons?
Black and white theme-
What if you decorate it with black and white desktops, balloons and centers?
You can even serve drinks based on this.
It is best to accept the help of professionals as they will help you to have the best style according to your needs. 3. Mandap-
Take advantage of unique Mandala ideas-
Like orchids, lilies, satin curtains with an elegant look in a monochrome theme, complete with mandala with your favorite colors, you can get in touch with a variety of wedding professionals who provide creative and gorgeous Mandala decorations for couples4. Reception-
By trying out a variety of modern reception ideas, you can have a nice reception stage decoration like-
Turquoise theme
Set the environment with one of the most popular colors (
The one in the trend)!
Theme of flowers and folds
Feel romantic with flowers and curtains such as roses, Golden marig flowers, orchids, etc. Royal theme-
Add this feeling of ecstasy by having the theme of maharaja Style.
You can dress like a royal couple with the right facilities. For individuals, it becomes busy to plan the perfect stage alone.
Professional experts will come up with more creative and innovative ideas for your wedding decor and let all turn their heads around.
The wedding has a beautiful story to cherish in one\'s life.
People imagine their wedding as a fairy tale.
The best way to turn this imagination into reality is to hire a professional wedding decoration service.
Start your glorious journey of happiness from now on!
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