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Introduce the wedding tent created for customized programs

by:COSCO     2020-09-24
Awning room type tents wedding is the first step for your hospitality to confirm appropriate curtains scale. Your guest number, dining style ( Sitting position, the buffet) , do you demand stage, and whether you have any rated space requirements ( The buffet, rest area, etc. ) , frame tent tents wedding for lighting the lamp is an important element of all the style. A classic selected, such as Onions lights, lanterns and Asia bistro string. Many different chandelier style ( Crystal, wrought iron) , as well as increasing in customizable colors and stage lighting. About higher wedding budget, to introduce specialized in wedding awning room lighting equipment or create a custom solutions. Floor: the ground of awning room generally do not make special dress up, as you can see, the average field is the lawn, namely the lawn on the ground. If you want to is a kind and indoor wedding no difference, the demand for laying carpet or floor. It seems counterintuitive, but field in general is more expensive than indoor wedding wedding. Why is that? Because of the pull curtains wedding like create a place to start from scratch. When you are not locked in the appearance of the indoor Spaces, there will be more creative freedom. If there is something wrong with the budget, frame tent factory, for you to consult the budget and the effect of you want to get to inform them.
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