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Often meet problems purchasing awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-25
Follow awning room used widely, many companies now all demand purchase awning room at the outdoor activities, but many customers because of awning room don't understand, in the acquisition of awning room often consulting all kinds of problems, often a awning room below summarizes the tent acquisition for a common problem for our answer. Often a frame tent is chosen for aluminum alloy structure, raw material through special processing, good gloss, high strength, corrosion resistance, and the structure between links use galvanized steel parts, so even if persistent in outdoor use, as long as 20 years can also use life! Tarpaulin chooses knife is PVC coated fabric, can waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to tear, resist ultraviolet ray, under normal maintenance use can also have the use of more than five years in life! rental borrow in about 40 - 80 / square, the purchase price is 150 - 250 / square, in fact, whether it's tent borrowed the rent price is still the purchase price, there are many influence factors, such as time of loan, awning room standard intrusive, the requirement to the frame tent, etc. , so if you want to know accurate quotation, can to come to consult an awning room, let's after knowing your requirements for business people to supply you with accurate quotation! in the activities for different effect is different, such as large-scale exhibition, industrial storage condition with large net across space herringbone canopy room will be appropriate, such as exhibition, conference, curtains hotel can choose relatively common corners canopy room, about the tents wedding banquet will European awning room is the best choose. Of course in detail according to the practice of activities of the demand is still going, often a advice to we can supply suitable plan for you!
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