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Outdoor wedding wedding custom aluminum alloy activity tent what should choose as a decoration only more good-looking

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
You want to grow in your garden area party tents marquees or tents wedding, you can see the makeshift tent says there. If the frame tent is fixed in your garden, you need a 26 x620mm nails to fixed, so that we can ensure the stability of the frame tent, but also can ensure that does not destroy the beauty of the landscape garden. From the point of view of safety, frame tent fabric can choose from the glass walls and glass door. In addition, the tent cover can also choose white transparent PVC or PVC. Transparent is the feeling of harmony with nature, but will a little wanting in sunscreen function, suitable for use in the evening. If white PVC, it is more shade, at the same time elegant classic white PVC is also like a color by the public. When the installation on the lawn, says there can also provide wood floor, the stage floor, floor, etc for your choice. If you need, we can also recommend the desk and chair factory for your reference. We pursue is a one-stop service, prefabricated awning room, let you can complete a whole set of tents here collocation and configuration of advisory services. If you are upset about how to decorate your tent can feel free to contact our customer service, we will provide the best quality service for you at the first time.
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