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Small make up outdoor awning room the size of the problem in detail

by:COSCO     2020-09-17
Now, more and more outdoor activities, from all walks of life to the activities of awning room demand is becoming more and more big. And loan, still is whether to buy a lot of clients are the activity scale standard, awning room filled with such problems as span length question, don't know their activities should demand much place. About this problem, small make up will give us a brief introduce about frame tent scale for activities. Awning room outdoors, outdoor activities activities awning room types on the required range, such as outdoor wedding banquet activities, first of all to consider the number of positioning, visiting friends and relatives to the tents wedding and to meet the requirements of customers to the awning room, such as places for never pick. In general, the primary is still consider to attend the wedding activities, the number of how many, a table for ten plus aisle, needs about 15 square meters or so, even everyone needs 1. The space of 5 square metre, table number, the more the greater the area, and so on. If in accordance with the accounting method, the space will be more relaxed and comfortable, if want to reduce capital can according to the actual situation to reduce reduction area. Conversely, if a stage or entertain other area, the demand on the root area add the required space. Wild wedding frame tent, for the most common activity of 6000 people, if as long as the seat of the case, let's establish a 4500 - directly is about the same, for 4800 or so detailed activities still need according to his own idea and participants.
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