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Sorching summer, wedding without outdoor wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-09-11
A lot of new people to put on beautiful wedding dress, wedding ceremony in summer. To will be held in sorching summer wedding more character, is inseparable from the new temporary buildings: outdoor tents wedding frame tent. In the face of so many wedding, if you want to stand out in an activity have to do your planning. We may have to face above all is the weather problem, will undoubtedly have to face is high temperature in summer, there are likely to face sudden storms, etc. , to the outdoor structure tent can effectively cope with a variety of different weather conditions. aluminium alloy profile is used for greenhouses, safe stable, can resist 8 - 10 class gale; Tarpaulin adopts double coated PVC fabric, such as waterproof, sunscreen, flame retardant performance, the combination of both can effectively deal with a variety of different weather conditions. Even clear heat, can also use air conditioning and other supporting facilities to enjoy the cool effect. Second, is the new change is needed in the wedding, so we need beside the main wedding frame tent set up special dressing room, can be directly separated within an awning room a, or a separate set up a set of four pointed canopy room to change clothes make up to relieve the unnecessary embarrassment. In addition, the ceremony usually have music and bands, and sound is on site is noisy. In order to alleviate the noisy environment, we can tarpaulins in for glass curtain wall, pervious to light already so beautiful, it is important to can sound insulation, solve the noisy environment, bring guests a comfortable experience. Such outdoor wedding frame tent can be for us to build a economic, flexible, beautiful, practical temporary outdoor space, let the user more save worry, rest assured, if you also have such a demand, welcome to inquire.
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