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Warehousing peng room - Domestic warehousing peng room brand manufacturers have?

by:COSCO     2020-09-23
Warehouse frame tent in recent years in the industry, logistics industry such as utilization rate is extremely high, compared with the traditional fixed architecture, not only short construction period, and the price is relatively cheap, by the companies of all ages. Many companies in choosing a storage tent in addition to storage covered the prices, will also consider warehouse tent brand. Most domestic enterprises when choosing warehousing awning room or frame tent manufacturer for domestic brands of choice, so domestic storage tent brand manufacturers for what? ( brand for domestic storage Says there awning room) Domestic manufacturer of storage and awning room has a lot of, for example: weather tent, for self awning room, says there awning room and so on. Among them, the changzhou says there as a tent manufacturing companies for more than ten years experience in building production, specializing in the production of warehousing awning room not only, its research and development production logistics, greenhouses, tents wedding greenhouses, exhibition tent, tent for are favored by all walks of life. , for example, says there warehouse awning room generally adopts lateral clear span structure, internal WuZhiZhu, all sorts of large equipment or forklift can free access, above the use of the space can maximize. Span can be ranged from 3 m to 50 m, the length can be in multiples of 3 or 5 meters infinite extension. ( - for says there Warehousing awning room) As long as you have the need, frame tent brand for domestic manufacturers in changzhou says there can provide you with a perfect storage solution.
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