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wedding candy bags

by:COSCO     2020-08-01
candy bags are for the sake of beauty,!
In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to assemble your own candy bag and save a lot of money during the wedding.
Everything was beautiful at the wedding.
Whether it\'s the bridesmaid\'s flowers and dresses, or the color of the napkins and decorations, all the shades are very harmonious and make the whole venue look like something in a fairy tale.
If there is one more thing that can add to the beauty of the wedding, that is the table full of all the wedding candy!
Seeing candy buffets at many weddings is a common phenomenon.
While some couples may simply put the candy in the bowl on the table for people to enjoy at the wedding, you can carry some nice candy bags with you (and their kids)
Can take home with candy.
Since everything else is color coordinated, it makes sense to have some really good candy bags to complement the overall decor of the wedding.
In this Wedessence article, you will find some ideas for doing so.
The idea of designing your own wedding candy bag is simple.
This helps you to personalize them as much as you like, plus, you do save a lot of money.
It\'s definitely easy for shops to buy the way out, but unfortunately they are also the more expensive way out.
So, just use the simple ideas listed below to make some innovative packages for your wedding.
If you want to buy the simplest candy bag, you can choose the small paper bag.
Pick the paper you want according to the wedding color scheme.
Now you can cut it according to the size of the paper bag you want.
As paper bags are so simple, you can personalize them by printing your name and wedding date on them to make them more attractive.
After the printing is done, you can fold and paste it into the bag, punch it on the top and have satin ribbon (
Match the color scheme of the decoration)
Cycle through the handle.
Put these bags and candy on the table and watch people appreciate them!
It seems difficult to make a candy bag with cellophane, but this is not the case.
All you need is enough tents wedding theme color or pure white cellophane and fancy strings that match wedding theme.
Now, for this idea, you need to make a candy bag 4 to 5 days before the wedding, because you need candy when you make it.
So, sort out all the candy and make equal parts for the number of guests.
Now, cut the cellophane and the rope into equal parts depending on the number of guests.
Place each part of the candy in a piece of cellophane, gather the cellophane together, and tie a rope to the top to make it look like a small bag with a pull cord.
Before using the rope to get more support, you can fix the end with a rubber band.
Be careful when handling Cellophane because it is easy to tear.
One of the more elegant and expensive ideas than paper and cellophane wedding candy bags is to make them online.
Your best bet is to go to the store and buy small mesh bags of wedding colors.
You can then embroider your wedding date and initials in one of the corners with a gold or silver thread.
If you want to make everything yourself, buy the net fabric, cut it into equal parts and stitch it up from the side by overlapping each other.
Again, you can make it have a lanyard or simply tie the neck with a nice ribbon.
Eco-friendly candy bags are also very popular with couples.
So, if you are going to make this kind of thing, you can make beautiful bags with cotton or jute.
Ordinary cotton bags will be cheaper and easier to buy.
You can let the children in your family (
Cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. )
Have them write your initials and date of marriage on small bags to help you make them more attractive.
It will be an art project for them, plus the personal style of the bag you want!
If you decide to make your own wedding candy bags, keep in mind that you will need to prepare them for the most part of the week at least (
Depending on the number of guests, of course).
So, set aside so much time to make them.
It\'s not hard to make them, and you\'ll save a lot of money from your wedding budget.
You will enjoy the experience very much!
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