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wedding favor ideas on a budget -

by:COSCO     2020-07-11
Have you ever wondered where the tradition of bride and groom giving gifts to guests with few appreciation tokens came from?
It all started with European nobles in France and Italy, who always sent some small gifts to all the guests called bonbonniere.
However, this tradition has never continued in generations since then.
During this period, bonbonniere, or currently known as favors, is actually a box that can be made of porcelain, crystals, gems or metal, in which people usually find sweet delicacy
Decades have passed, and now weddings can basically be anything one can imagine.
Not everyone has the money to splurge on the wedding because most brides and grooms prefer to save money to start a new life together.
When there are so many things to consider, the tents wedding itself is not cheap, the dress of the bride and groom, catering for the guests and venue of the wedding.
So most of them would rather spend too much money on the wedding, but they still want to show something to the guests to express their gratitude.
For those with a budget, don\'t worry!
There are a lot of wedding offers on the budget to choose from.
The personalized Champagne Cup is a very affordable gift.
I personally like the personalized champagne flute because they look very elegant.
It looks better if you can find the frosted one.
Simply personalize the champagne flute with a romantic and creative offer and you can go.
The company also provides beautiful boxes for these champagne flutes so that guests can easily bring their gifts home.
Photo frames are cheap if you see the right place.
The mistake most brides and grooms make when looking for affordable photo frames is that they often choose low quality photo frames.
Don\'t solve the problem the first time you find the photo frame, before making the final choice, take a look at a few places to make sure that you are buying something of good quality that is affordable.
Personalized mint tin is something very new, but be aware that they are complex small gifts.
Not only can guests use them to save mints, but they can also use it to secure buttons and safety pins.
Choose a simple design where the color can follow the theme color of the wedding.
As for personalizing, always stick to a simple and beautiful quote, or you can also engrave the heart symbol on it.
Also, your guests will be pleasantly surprised as they receive something new after so many weddings.
These are just some suggestions for brides and grooms with limited budgets.
Remember, it doesn\'t always mean that you need to splurge in order to get something of good quality.
This is how much effort you put into finding the right tents wedding gift.
Your guests come home with your amazing appreciation token and you can stay within budget.
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