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Wedding tent when building for what to pay attention to detail

by:COSCO     2020-09-18
tent and the area with a field for the development of the wedding season, some popular curtains scale may be scheduled thoroughly a demand for greater weekend, so as soon as possible into budget you want is not always a bad idea. Climate: no one want to be in bad weather for the wedding. However, if the organization good contingency plans in advance, down speculation more simple to handle, also more worrying. The rain awning room, cocktail awning room can choose the conceal type ( So the guest will not have early to set in hospitality curtains) Cohesion and curtains covered sidewalks ( For guests and catering staff use) And wet lawn area of the floor. Our side walls can be materals can be lit, sunny can choose to face don't wai cloth, rainy day wedding can choose bright tarpaulins, beside the frame tent can put on a sunny afternoon, stay down at night. If the scheme is a cold season tents wedding, carefully consider bookings early curtains heater; The same, about a month of hot, don't forget the electric fan on loan or awning room air conditioning. Do you want to talk it over with your catering service all aspects of the curtains scheme. First, find out during the wedding restaurant address, people working in the kitchen in both places, home kitchen is still the garage. If can't set indoors, so you need in the main reception curtains nearby have a dedicated catering/cooking tent.
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