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Wedding tents - Wedding tent rental need how many money?

by:COSCO     2020-09-19
Now have many young couples choose to abandon the hotel wedding wedding choose outdoor awning room, one of the main reason is because the hotel wedding cost is higher, and the location is fixed do not move. And outdoor tents wedding, outdoor structure tent is more flexible than the level of the hotel, the price is relatively cheap, also do not break security. ( 中远- tents) As is known to all, wedding hold time is 1 - general 2 days, so personal choice or to lease the main wedding tents, few people choose to buy wedding tent. Then rent such a wedding frame tent probably how many money? For wedding tent rental need how much is the problem, not a fixed answer. Because of the new styles or sizes to choose wedding tent tent rental for a slightly different can lead to price differences. Couple must first consider the wedding of the specifications of the number of guests, awning room and facilities factors such as structure tent, secondly according to the number of guests and requirements calculation required wedding wedding tents, the size of the space, the greater the rental price is high. ( 中远- tents) specifications canopy room, european-style pointed canopy room some words commonly, transparent frame tent, etc. , for the dimensions above can choose 3 - span 50 m, the length can be in multiples of 5 meters extending continuously. Site selection is relatively free, can be the seaside beach, also can be outdoor lawn, you can go by our own imagination random arrangement. ( 中远- tents) If you already have a base to the above factors, you can consult the local wedding tent manufacturer, specific how much rental prices. Changzhou says there as a professional wedding tent manufacturer, specializing in the production of scaffolding wedding tents for decades, to the design of the client's requirements and tents have original ideas. If you are ready to choose for the wedding wedding frame tent, so welcome to find says there awning room, we will provide you with a suitable tent design scheme for the wedding.
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