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What factors affect the price of tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-29
Today for you explain what factors affect the price of tent? is known to all, the ordinary tents are quite different from those of the other a temporary building, safe and reliable, in view of the different types of the construction of the site can be flexible, convenient disassembly, transportation is convenient, portfolio diversification, etc. Awning room as a kind of temporary buildings of the range is more widely used, whether all kinds of outdoor activities, or a large-scale exhibition, sports, and industrial facilities, business activities, and so on are widely used, and can bring fairly good effect of the activity. As for the price is very high? Below we share what are the factors affect the price of two. products for now there are two points: from the structure of the steel structure and awning room full aluminium structure awning room, out of shape points have the herringbone structure of conventional awning room, spires, arc, circle, star, special-shaped structure awning room, products are widely used in exhibitions, fairs, tents wedding etiquette, logistics warehousing, beer festival, food festival, all kinds of outdoor activities such as sports, parking, and because of the weather reason emergency use awning. In addition, all kinds of permanent attractions facilities and also most effective use of idle land purchase awning room products. products are now widely used in all walks of life, has wide development prospects. manufacturer production cost and the effect of the production technique and technology of the two will be directly related to the quality of the tent, beautiful and practical, the use of advanced technology of production of frame tent, for its part will deal with the details for material well, awning room in assemble, build, will be very quick to remove the main links such as inferior to craft awning room to improve efficiency of about twenty percent, general craft good awning room its cost of production will increase by about five percent. Inspection, try taking, packaging, transport to the influence of awning room, because the activity is awning room needs to be used outdoors for a long time, and awning room area is compared commonly big, so it requires the awning room has a high degree of security, so not only need to strict quality control in production process, will try to take to install the awning room before they leave the factory, so as to find problems in a timely manner to ensure the quality of tent. There is also such as transport packaging, transport efficiency will cost impact on the tent. After-sales service to the tent price influence, a reliable tent manufacturer in addition to providing high quality tent, will also provide perfect after-sales service for you. In the up link, for example, manufacturers will send someone to guide according to customer demand for all structures, or set up, in use process if found missing parts, damage phenomenon, manufacturers will also arrange after-sales maintenance services, and the perfect after-sales service, as part of the price. Recommended reading: tent manufacturer for DE letter outlining the awning room small tent manufacture of membrane materials for knowledge has pervious to light performance, downy light into the interior not only make people work like outdoor indoors, to realize the natural feeling. And during the day without lighting can meet the need of indoor daylighting, save large amounts of electric energy consumption. Environmental protection and control of the operating costs. Manufacturing unimpeded internal space, to provide practical space. Adopts double insulation materials, to achieve heat preservation, heat insulation effect. Realize the basis of the minimum requirement, do not need expensive engineering construction and building foundation. Structure, durable, awning room appearance is novel and attractive, high quality low price, economic benefit is obvious. Framework is composed of excellent aluminum alloy aluminum, strong security. By import synthetic fiber plus three layer shading tent made of PVC material, high strength, resistance to wind, rain, prevent bask in flame retardant, etc. Easy installation, is the outdoor exhibition and outdoor products.
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