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when did the white wedding dress become popular?

by:COSCO     2020-07-25
In Western society, it is a tradition for brides to wear white wedding dresses at weddings, usually with matching veils.
However, this tradition is a fairly new development. until the mid-
1800, even for most of the 20th century, tents wedding dresses are just formal dresses that can be reused on any special occasion.
Brides can wear clothes of any color, except red or black, which are related to prostitutes and mourning respectively.
The first famous woman to wear a white wedding dress is Queen Mary of Scotland.
At that time, it was considered a bad choice because White was the official color of French mourning.
However, at the wedding in 1840, another royal member was dressed in white --
Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxony. Coburg.
Queen Victoria\'s wedding photos have been widely publicized and have attracted interest in white wedding dresses in Britain and other regions.
White wedding dress is a symbol of wealth.
Because these clothes cannot be washed or reused on other occasions, this proves that the bride\'s family can spend money on a luxury dress.
Most of the time in the early 20th century, only rich women can afford to wear white dresses;
Most women still wear clothes of all colors.
Others wear white dresses, and after the ceremony, they catch another color for use on other occasions.
However, in the 1950 s, white wedding dress became the mainstream trend of the whole Western society.
With the advent of television, society is filled with celebrity images of a wedding in a white dress like Grace Kelly.
The average American woman finally decided it was time to splurge on an expensive white wedding dress for her tents wedding.
Cheap white wedding dresses are often used as a symbol of chastity.
However, White is also associated with innocence and happiness.
Over time, women from all stages of life are wearing white wedding dresses to attend the wedding. White wedding dresses have lost the connotation of virginity, but only related to the bride.
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