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Whether the wedding on the beach can be safely build outdoor wedding events transparent big awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-20
Big outdoor wedding called heat choice, whether celebrity marriages, such as wal tents wedding of the century, or ordinary people's tents wedding will choose outdoors. Because the outdoor is not affected by the fixed space, can enjoy a wonderful time. At the same time on the personalized design, outdoor wedding also has its own right. But, in so many outdoor wedding, many customers often do not know how to choose suits own outdoor wedding frame tent. Today, says there is to introduce an outdoor wedding activities transparent big awning room. Says there has created a romantic outdoor wedding activities transparent big awning room, used for outdoor celebration activities or outdoor celebration holiday. This transparent big awning room with outdoor wedding activity is its elegance and unique appearance, has become the focus of the sea beach. Large outdoor wedding activities transparent frame tent is specially designed for customers, for solving corrosion problems in the local environment. The whole structure for aluminum alloy frame, aluminum surface oxidation. All the accessories are all stainless 304, corrosion resistance and long resistance is very good, the service life of up to five years. Because the outdoor tents wedding activities transparent big awning room is built on a beach, in order not to waste this beautiful seascape, let indoor 360 ° view without blind Angle. Says there's an outdoor wedding activities transparent frame tent is used for large transparent, waterproof PVC cover and the glass wall. Don't need lighting during the day, the sun on the wooden floor, indoor bright transparent, is like a body in nature, comfortable and pleasant.
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