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Why herringbone industrial warehousing awning room can have more advantages than traditional warehousing awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
Says there has always been based on high quality requirements of each tent, frame tent, for each from parts to the fitting process, we will strictly control the quality. We each shipment is the beginning of our sales. Awning room in addition to the tents wedding wedding activities, outdoor activity outdoor makeshift tents and rest outside the tent, our says there herringbone industrial warehousing awning room are our years of sell like hot cakes. Recently, the suzhou industrial park an enterprise chose says there warehouse tent, this tent is herringbone structure. Currently widely used in industry and storage areas, beautiful, economic, flexible, these design characteristics may satisfy your constantly improve the production and storage requirements of quality and quantity. Also, because building, convenient and fast moving reasons, such as reducing the says there is chevron industrial storage of awning room costs. It says there herringbone tent unit combination of aluminum alloy structure for industrial warehouse according to the project covers an area of customised solutions, says there herringbone industrial tent structures, disassembly is very convenient for storage. It says there herringbone industrial warehouse tent is ABS hardware for wall, this type of says there herringbone industrial storage awning room climate resistance is strong, they even in hot summer and cold winter can be safe and sound, the application of the ABS hardware wall temperature is 60 degrees to minus 10 degrees. If you need a fireproof caigang sandwich panels walls, gates, rock wool board wall, etc. , we can according to different tent storage purposes for different integration scheme.
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