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With the tent just know, want to let it go

by:COSCO     2020-08-27
Though our frame tent technology for many years ago introduced in Europe, but in recent years the development of everyone, the current domestic use of awning room users also more and more. In daily life, we may wait in the exhibition or tents wedding activities to meet them. In fact, as a prefabricated warehouse tent, they have good flexibility, can quickly open, flexible, relocation, want to let it go. Based on the characteristics of this flexibility, awning room is used to a lot of temporary activities or projects, such as exhibition, wedding shorter events. In addition, there are coal mining and other industries, for example, many companies take a fancy to the characteristics of its flexibility, its application in coal mining FengBiHua transformation. The green environmental protection not only, still can achieve 'project the road ahead, awning room' the effect. Why can 'project the road ahead, awning room'? Actually very simple. Because of frame tent is to use prefabricated construction design, say simple point just like children 'building blocks'. All the parts processing is done inside the frame tent manufacturer, then transport to build site after you just need to assemble. If the end of the activity or the site of factory relocation, we only need to the 'building blocks' remove away again, to continue to build a new site. Take the coal industry, using coal awning room low requirement to the terrain conditions, generally flat on the ground can be easily set up. Used by the profiles are of high quality aluminum alloy profiles, can achieve even secondary structures will be no material loss. And unitized building mode adopted by the awning room, can according to the actual demand to any increase or decrease in length, so as to adapt to their actual needs.
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