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You have to understand the questions about the tent size for outdoor activities

by:COSCO     2020-09-23
Outdoor activities more and more today, all walks of life, the activity of awning room demand is becoming more and more big. And whether to buy or lease, many customers are on activity of awning room size, span length problems such as full of doubt, don't know their activities should be how much space. For this problem, small make up will give you a brief introduction about activities awning room the size of the problem. Outdoor awning room type determines the activities needed to size, outdoor wedding banquet activities, for example, the first thing to consider the tents wedding location, visiting relatives and quantity and to meet the requirements of customers to the tent, the factors such as site will choose. In general, mainly consider to attend the wedding activities, the number of how many, such as a table for ten plus aisle, probably needs about 15 square meters, the average person needs to be 1. The space of 5 square metre, table number, the more the greater the area, and so on. If according to this calculation, the space will be more relaxed and comfortable, if you want to cut costs, can according to the actual situation to reduce the cutting area. On the other hand, if there is a stage or reception, and other areas, you will need to increase the space needed in base area. Have about 6000 of the most common activities, if only under the condition of the seat, we directly set up 4500 - ping Awning room is about 4800 - about the same, specific activities sites still need according to their own ideas and participation. You have to understand the question on the frame tent size for outdoor activities, says there tent manufacturer will give you a brief introduction for so much, if you have other questions or have set up relevant questions, we can give you advice and help, welcome to inquire.
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