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Beer in greenhouses use should pay attention to maintenance

by:COSCO     2020-09-01
The use of general beer greenhouses are seasonal, in summer, the application of beer greenhouses is very much, not only sunshade, can block rain in plum rain season. Beer greenhouses used usually is not a day for two days, so at the time of use, maintenance, maintenance can make beer greenhouses longer life, mainly from the following several hands face to face. 1, beer greenhouses tarpaulins compression: tarpaulins in the first time when installation, you should put components are completely pressed firmly fixed tarpaulins, generally in a week after the completion of the building's should be fixed again. When the frame tent by natural adjustment, joint surface to achieve the most beautiful, then the components in a compact, regardless of the size of the span frame tent. Will greatly reduce the risk of late water. 2, check the anchor and parts fasteners connected firmly: anchor place is the most direct connection with awning room ground, is also one of the most important parts. Regularly check whether there is any loose on the anchor fasteners, to the whole tent fastness has very good security. Can be in fasteners, threaded, position, daub antirust paint, or butter, anti oxidation treatment. Oktoberfest beer greenhouses to hold or build leisure beer greenhouses, typically used for several months, for a whole summer, beer is very fire, so big to build a good beer, will do daily maintenance, can according to the above maintenance methods for maintenance.
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