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Best Glastonbury Festival gear 2011

by:COSCO     2019-08-18
It won\'t be long before Glastonbury begins, a festive summer.
You bought the ticket and you put an elevator for yourself, but you can always use that little extra gear to keep you comfortable for the three days outside.
As always, in the pocket
Lint keeps thinking so you don\'t have to think about it.
After all, you have a schedule where you want to see which bands write down when you sink the first alco and let gobeer.
So here are a few A1 ideas for gadgets, tech and camping gear that can be used to rock.
Petzl Tikka Plus 2 torch (£39. 99)
Festivals can be dark places. guess what?
The European tent you bought for £ 20 at Tesco is not one-off.
The expensive Tikka Plus 2 torch from Petzl is our favorite-
Very bright (50 lumens)
Its red and white LEDs reach 35 m and the battery lasts 140 hours.
I guess it also keeps both hands free in case you happen to need to roll a \"cigarette\" in the dark, which of course is not something we did during the festival.
Light My Fire£1. 95)or Mealkit (£14. 95)
If donuts and hot beer are not attractive and your budget is not up to £ 8 per hot dog, eat it yourself.
Then, let the magic of sports take over and provide you with wet cakes, canned fish and warm food --ish soup.
It cuts, it pokes, it pulls-
If you want a big meal, though, you need to exercise twice.
Complete dining with two plates, CUP, box and one plate included-come-colander.
Now you will laugh if they can only put together a table and a dining chair.
Boots and socks from Horizon Welly (£7. 99)
It always rains in Glastonbury;
Water gathers at the bottom of the valley and floods first
Then traders start selling wellies for £ 40a-pair.
This is the way things are done.
Now technically, it\'s just a dress, not a gadget, but we will be very remiss if we don\'t include them.
We don\'t want you home with wel sore.
Instead, buy a pair of wellingtons for £ 5 from any supermarket and these extra-
Long socks from the horizon will not fall on many miles of your trek.
The Mud Lake will turn into glue by Sunday, so pack a pair of sneakers or a cheap flip --flops, too.
Van Gogh 200 bulletup two-man tent (£55. 00)
The National boom last year was a must for this year. have;
Pop music for technical improvement
The upward range is the ideal tilt (sorry)
Those who are as familiar with camping as the 17 th century health facility (enjoy! ).
Two in one.
2 kg although the packaging is sewn
Including a pair of muddy shoes.
Friendly porch, these two.
Man Dart 200 just needs to pop up-
Go out. The pop-
Up features will save your lungs for the 10 minutes hell needed to inflate the luxury flock chair of the same brand (£13. 50)-super-
Comfortable interior or exterior, great in the Sun, also available as a number-of-
Eight double seats
Although the Venetian chair of Wange (£20)
It may be more suitable for those who really prefer to look at the elbow with leg space. Festival App (free)
It doesn\'t matter where you\'re going, but now most festivals have their own apps if it\'s just to save printing costs for more than 100,000 people to make shows and guides.
You might be better off downloading this stuff before you go because receiving signals like mobile broadband can be a tricky thing when you\'re really there.
While it is best not to rely on any application that requires data work, please note.
You can get the Glastonbury 2011 App for iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia Orange here.
Snugpak Travelpak Lite sleeping bag (£34. 95)Built-in zip-
In the mosquito net, secret safety bag, pull rope inside;
This beautifully designed sleeping bag is not only relatively cheap, but also very well designed.
The holiday night is warm enough (
Although winter is not recommended)
Very soft to the skin, mummy-
When in its squeeze bag, the shape of Travelpak litemeasres is only 12x14 cm and weighs only 850g.
So, you have to keep a low profile, small size, and really cheap.
What else can you look?
Convertible poncho (Kiva)£20)
Forget the storm shell or pac-a-macs -
You need something durable, in the long wait between Paul Simon and Wu, it will keep the rain offTang Clan.
Safely stored in a flat football. shaped zip-
The arm vents of Kiva ponchohas, pop-ups on both sides, a lanyard cover and a front pocket are equipped with a tramp bag strap.
If Amazon doesn\'t get it back, try it here.
Yes, you may look a little idiot, but there will be a lot less people getting wet when it doesn\'t stop raining.
Antibacterial travel towel Snugpak (£8. 95-£23. 95)
Some people like them and some hate them, but we can\'t think of a better place to hike towels than in holiday tourists\' backpacks.
We tried 62x80 cm towels from Snugpak (£12)
Finding this is enough for a weird wash/wash-as long as you\'re not the type of shy, the shower is actually nice as well.
Made from Dr. Bacty\'s advanced antibacterial dipping fabric and arrived in a humid environment
Friendly travel bag, we did it in a few hours.
Blue or olive.
Jaguar 55-carrymore75 rucksack (£170)
When it comes to backpacks, bigger and better for the festival;
The yomp from the car/coach park to the place where you finally rested is long, arduous and abnormally sweaty.
The last thing you want to do is repeat it, so men\'s or women\'s wear designs like Karrimor Jaguar should do a good job.
Karrimors is not only one of the most comfortable backpacks we \'ve ever experienced, but often very sturdy --
Making, and most importantly, there are enough straps to tie the pan bowl pans basin.
Many clever wooden clo campers tried to tie their backpacks to sacks trucks, though the folding version was avoided --
In our experience, the wheels get stuck with mud before the first ice cream van Rest Station.
Classic (£39. 99)
With apps, maps and chaps all asking for your smartphone --
Based on the focus on modern festivals, the juice was running out before the event started
Off is a social faux pas similar to nudity.
Well, maybe not in grasto, but it would be nice to have a free rockfall hand of 124G;
It charges with solar energy-up its eight-
It takes an hour of battery before connecting to various gadgets.
The IPad also has a life span of two hours, but no, just. . . No!
Mophie juice packaging air for iPhone (£69. 95)
The idea of tying the battery to the iPhone seems crazy, but the Mophie Juice Pack Air as a protective case will only add a little weight to the Apple gadget.
More importantly, it is fully charged, adding about 80% to the life of the iPhone.
If you rely on text messages and don\'t go online during the festival, it allows you to spend the whole weekend without having to waste time on Orange charges --tent.
Both IPhone 3 and iPhone 4.
Griffin USB backup power supply (£35)
If you don\'t want to think about juicing,
Turn on your smartphone-
This recharge package may be suitable for the website, especially for users who don\'t have an apple-flavored phone.
Not a few USB sticks are much larger, it takes about an hour for Griffin USB backup power to fill-
Upgrade from any USB slot, ready to recover about 50 of your smartphone\'s power in a few days.
Of course, you can admit that you need to buy a spare battery for your mobile phone if you like.
Just don\'t forget to charge it before you go. X-
MP3 players and speakers (£50)
It may be a luxury, but it\'s cheesy.
The grandiose gadget is one of our favorite festivals.
Play the music on the 2 gb SD card as a normal MP3 player, when it is distorted to be quite brilliant
It\'s about pocket size.
Mini happy can also play music on any MP3 player or mobile phone with a retractable minijack.
Make sure if you\'re going down one of the power options above, or the night beat at the camp will cost you a day for your next conversation.
Hooded Coat of Berghaus (£50)
Even if heaven doesn\'t affect your holiday fun, camping will be cold.
We only used this Berghaus fleecenot in the evening, but as emergency pajamas, we can get an advantage in the freezing state at three o\'clock A. M;
Comfortable accessories, wind shield is a godsend no matter where it is used, and the size of this wool bag is only half the size that is easiest to put in daysack.
Berghaus also made some nice zippers
The passenger Navigator trousersperfect is fourseasons-in-a-
Weather in England.
OK, it\'s not crazy rock, but there\'s nothing to stop you from painting or printing your favorite band in front of you.
Coffee maker Aerobie AeroPress (£32)
Brown mud with water.
In addition to describing valuable farms after the celebration, it is also the state of farm coffee.
Skip the line and brew your own coffee with a portable Aerobie AeroPressfilter coffee machine;
Heat the water and wait 30 seconds to curse you without muffins.
The best service is cookies, early morning bacon sandwiches and boiled water in the chimneyshaped. . . Kelly Kettle (£42)
Kelly\'s kettle is a 2.
5 pints, light weight, aluminum camping kettle. (It\'s about 1.
4 liters of new money. )
It is basically a double wall chimera that stores water in its wall cavity, so there is a large surface area when in contact with the side of the flue.
What you have to do is fill the bottom with branches (or whatever)
, Light it, and the hot water boiled in a few minutes.
Not all festive venues allow for fires, but you are unlikely to be creaked by a small fire rumrum at the bottom of the kettle.
But keep them calm.
Camping stools/chairs (from £5. 99)
If it\'s muddy, usually, your legs will kill you after a half-day trek, and your ass is just eager to roost somewhere.
The accommodation and seating are always upscale, so it\'s better to take a chair yourself.
Stands for camping
With a beer rack-
This is an obvious favorite, but a cheaper, more portable camping stool is also well worth a visit.
They are smaller and come with a small bag and straps that can be hung on your shoulders when you don\'t need them.
Tops and trousers (£25 & £35)
Ah, watching the chiefs of the Emperor get wet and cold, right?
Just want to curl up in your only tentslightly-
Wet sleeping bag, read tech news on your re-charged iPhone? Super-
Soft with defense
Mobike stuff, this is fast
Dry polyester tops and lanyard bottoms are the best choice for pajamas and camping outfits.
They were also named UPF 40 sun-
Protect and wick moisture-in case you want to wear it on the Stone Age queen.
Suitable for men and women of all sizes.
TravelJohn Disposable urinal 3-pack (£5. 45)
Of all our visits to Glastonbury, we never convinced our other half to use her --
But the Johor State of the trip excited us.
Did you see the queue waiting when the headline news started?
Sold with a slightly shocking \"leak-proof!
TravelJohn claimed that he would immediately turn urine into a solid substance. Nice.
If you can\'t face a trip to the toilet at three o\'clock A. M. it\'s very convenient.
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