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Bicycle Touring Tips | 10 Mistakes to Avoid

by:COSCO     2019-08-09
Bike Trip: The road can be long but not bumpy!My first bike trip was a learning curve of 1500 miles.I read the blog, asked for advice on the Internet, bought a bicycleGuided and spent endless time planning the itinerary.With the confidence of a prepared person, I loaded the bike and hit the road.
It wasn\'t long before I met the first of the ten avoidable mistakes that prevented me from traveling.I would like to share these mistakes with you so that your own trip will be smoother than mine.#1 Over-Over-Packaging is a recurring warning in web forums and blogs.
When I packed up my bags for my first bike trip, the warning kept ringing in my mind.But I stillpacked.I grossly over-Estimated the time I took part in activities such as reading, writing and painting.My bag was filled with art equipment, 8 novels and writing materials.
Art equipment is the same as five books, just a passenger.When you ride a 10-hour bike every day, camping at night, cooking, washing clothes, location --See, explore and maintain your bike and you don\'t have much time in the day.Stupid, I stuffed a whole cabinet of medicine into my bag;My theory is that it\'s better to have foot cream, diarrhea pills and insect repellent on hand.
Don\'t make this mistake.
Unless you travel in the wild, you can buy health and hygiene products on the road when you need them.The same is true for the batteries of cameras, flashlights, bike lights and other appliances.Do not stock up in advance.Buy as you go.Wear less clothes.Two sets of bicycle equipment, clothes to wear at night, clothes and rain gear in town are enough.
Over-Packaging is not a disaster if you have space to store everything, as well as strong bags and racks to carry.But you get frustrated when you keep rummaging through the box and pushing things that you don\'t use aside to find your camping stove or camera.The lighter your load, the easier it will be to ride a bike through a 30 mile/hour headwind when it hits.
Although there are three bottle racks (about 2) on my bike frame ).5 liters of water), I quickly realized that it was not enough to support me when riding a bike in the midday sun.In the early days of the trip, I had no water for 40 km long at a 30 degree high temperature.
I didn\'t meet any shop at that time, and didn\'t see any suitable lakes or rivers to fill my beverage bottles and disinfect them with chlorine tablets.If it weren\'t for the kindness of a stranger who filled my bottle with his kitchen sink, I would definitely die in the baking sun.From this moment on, I take water as my priority.
Even so, I had to rely on another kind stranger for the hard day.When it comes to a complete-It is essential to find the right balance.The water is very heavy and takes up precious space.
But for me, this extra weight is easily offset by the comfort of knowing you will never run out.Water is essential: you need it for drinking, cooking and washing.Make sure you carry enough.We need a bigger tent!To save money before traveling, I made a fatal mistake by ignoring to buy a spacious tent.
Instead, I convince myself, myBackpack tent big enough-it wasn\\\'t!I can\'t even sit inside due to limited space.Every morning, I pull my flaps open, push my trouser pockets aside and pull myself out with my hands and knees.This is not a good way to start a new day.
If you\'re planning a selfEnough, complete.Load the long bike ride and don\'t make the same mistake as me.Prepare yourself a tent with enough space.
For budget-tight people like me, the dome tent is spacious and cheap.Tents are not just for sleeping;When you just want to be alone, they provide shelter and privacy on those rainy days.Tough travelers might scoff at the idea, but for me, not having a spacious tent is a source of regret.
The second day of my first bike trip was one of the most physically exhausting experiences of my life.My travel partner and I were totally wrong in judging the distance and terrain, allowing us to travel about 8 hours on the winding dirt road and 80 miles.Failure means we missed the five o\'clock P.
Driven by pride, in order to avoid such a major mistake during the trip so early, we took a few minutes to get to the ferry terminal.We were exhausted and congratulated each other before we fainted in our cabin.At that time, it seemed to be a great achievement;Overcome adversity;Our dignity.
But the pain of that day was almost fatal.My ankle was injured and it gradually deteriorated over the next 300 miles and eventually I was forced to recuperate at the camp for nearly two weeks until the injury recovered.Plan a long-term initial phaseTravel with precision from the bike and take it easy to start.
When your body is used to the stress of riding a few hours a day bike, you can always add miles later in your trip.During this trip, I was lucky because I had time to rest my ankles before continuing my trip.In a short journey, the injury heralds the end of the road.
Want to save money on bike travel?Travel can be cheaper than you!broke.We have just crossed a particularly dangerous terrain, which is more suitable for thick terrain.Than complete-tired mountain bikeLoad the tourist road bike.
In the display of selfMy friend, under stupid driving, steamed in the front, bouncing on the rocks, speeding on the track like a downhill racer.When his back frame could no longer be punished, the idiot suddenly stopped.At three o\'clock P.M. we were only a few miles from the nearest village or town.
It is impossible to find a bicycle shop to buy a new shelf.Frustrated, we all looked into the loss and questioned how fate could bring us such terrible luck so early on the journey.My friend moved his bag to the front shelf (not used before) and unloaded some weight into the backpack.
I tied his tent to my bike.
At first it just seemed to work.
..Until the hanging bag that is not designed for the front luggage rack starts to bounce on the wheel spokes and drag along the road.We were doomed.Then fate smiled at us again and a passing cyclist stopped to help.He used some zippers and he managed to secure my friend\'s dressing bag on his shelf and after a big thank you to him we were able to move on.
Later that day, my friend admitted that he had a screw missing from his back frame.During the ride hundreds of miles before the trip, this missing screw will definitely lead to metal fatigue and then finally give in on the first day of our trip.Lesson: Make sure your device is sturdy and durable and avoid putting it under unnecessary pressure.
It\'s so easy to get lost, you can do it with your eyes covered!Joking aside, navigating on a bike tour is much more difficult than looking in a comfortable living room.I didn\'t even pack the map on my first trip.I told my travel partner, \"Don\'t worry,\" \"We just need to go east and along the coast \".
This strategy may work if there is a long bike lane or a quiet road running by the sea.But life is rarely that simple...or boring.Although we are fortunate enough to have one of the greatest circular networks on Earth.In Belgium and the NetherlandsOur strategy (keep going east and stop to ask if necessary) is prone to mistakes.
We keep riding our bikes.
Route, into a dead endde-Sacs, and steps (or tire marks) must be traced back )!One day we even found ourselves in the field of angry cows.Ordinary smartphones with GPS capabilities are a way to avoid getting lost.I would suggest using it only as an emergency resource though, as they are prone to malfunction when you need the battery most to connect with the GPS/3g.
Some cyclists like to use.
But if you are in a similar position with me, you may find that both the product and the software are a bit expensive!You really can\'t beat old in my opinionfashioned maps.They are light weight, easy to pack, the battery will never run out, and will not let you go in the wrong direction, and are quite cheap.(In some countries) the added benefit is that when you stop to open the map, a friendly local person will draw a straight line for you to help you plan the next few miles.
You just purchased a new tour bike, spare inner tube and break pad, bike pump, chain lubricant, moreTools and other basic components.You are ready for the trip.Or maybe not.It\'s one thing to have spare parts and tools when you need them;It\'s another matter to know how to use them properly.I was lucky on my first tour.My bike is my hero.It has never failed once in 1500 miles.I only had one puncture and it took me an hour, two broken tire rods, a missing Bolt washer and a bunch of lost patience.
You can avoid similar setbacks by getting to know your bike.Practice effectively removing the wheels and tires (especially the rear ones), removing and reconnecting the break pads, adjusting the gears and other things you can think.In the long run, it will save you time and energy and increase your self.
Nothing is worse than at sunset, a few miles from the nearest town, not knowing how to fix the bike.Consider taking a basic bike maintenance course.Their prices are usually reasonable, from an hour to a full day.
If you run a local bike shop, ask them.
If you can\'t afford a repair course, there are a lot of DIY repair and repair videos on Youtube.If you plan to ride a bike with friends or groups, please make sure you all have similar hopes and expectations for this trip.Avoid cycling with people you conflict with because of a little disagreement.
If you\'re a couch potato (and vice versa), it\'s never a good idea to travel with a fitness fanatic!When you are on the road for a few hours a day, five or six days a week, a heated argument with your travel companion is inevitable.the lows.Tensions between each other will happen sooner or later.My first traveling partner on a bike trip is, still a good friend now.
We have a lot of common interests and hobbies.Nevertheless, we remind others that there will be stimulating and petty arguments during the travel.That\'s what they did.My friend is healthier than me and he prefers to lead the game.
I prefer to take regular breaks and explore the villages, towns and villages we pass.I was annoyed that he refused to stop and smell the rose;My slow pace bothered him.Thankfully, our long termThe long-term friendship and our many common interests provide a great deal of highs and lows.
I am very happy to have a travel partner.
Make sure you too.
.Practice is perfect, they say, and bike tours are undoubtedly the case.Run at least one trial run on the weekend before you start a long trip.Pack everything you intend to bring with you on your main trip.
This gives you the opportunity to solve any potential problems.Packaging is one of the culprit ).The trial run also gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new equipment such as tents, camping stoves and change bags.In addition, a weekend trip can help prepare yourself (see tip 10 ).
I started my first trip without doing anything.I never even rode a bike.Tour bikes loaded.Luckily, it took me hours to prepare in other ways, like researching and making sure I bought all the right equipment.This almost makes up for my lack of physical preparation but should not actually do so.
Before I left, I forgot people saying, \"Wow, you must be healthy !\" Number of times.\\ \"Or, \\\" I hope you\'re training hard, \\ \"I\'m telling them how much I\'m doingCountry bike ride.This is of course a prerequisite for a long trip, although if your departure date is up, you don\'t feel like you\'re putting in enough \"miles\" and don\'t despair.
The beauty of a long journey is that you can train on the road in the early stages of your journey and gradually increase your daily mileage as your fitness and saddle comfort increases.I rarely meet people who ask me if I am mentally prepared.This surprised me because, for a lot of time, cyclists have only their own ideas about the company.
Imagine one day when you are riding a bike in very bad weather.Do you want to resign or do you want to stay indoors?The thought of a hot meal or a hot bath gives you the incentive to continue selling?Who can afford to stay in the hotel ).All you have to do is provide you with the image of a tent and a sleeping bag.
Motivation is not the only place a cyclist can get out of trouble.Spending a long time in your head can have an interesting impact on people.During my first trip, I experienced several experiences that were plagued by various worries and troubles.
Occasionally I will question the purpose of this trip, whether it meets the expectations I set for it, and if I have a good time (most of the time )!The body and mind of a person is like a routine.They are like waking up every day, eating at the same time and sleeping at the same time.When I was traveling, I found that routine helps to develop a positive and healthy mindset.
Use cycling as a job (without negative meaning ).Try to get up early and cycle throughout the day until later in the afternoon or earlier in the evening, keeping the same amount of time each day (remember to stop and rest to avoid the threat of overwork and injury ).When you feel depressed or depressed, guarantee yourself a reward for a certain mileage, or simply go camping.
I found that the temptation of a few cold beers and a bar meal always made me sell around during tough times.You may want to learn the techniques of meditation to counter the spiritual aspects of cycling.It may sound silly, but you can meditate while riding a bike.
Mediation is often misunderstood as trance-Like the state of ForgettingThe relationship between this concept and the facts is far from enough.Meditation actually encourages your consciousness and keeps you present.This is a perfect mindset for long bike trips as it can help you put your mind down so you can focus on the world around you.
Isn\'t this one of the main reasons why you came to travel in the first place?No matter how you choose to deal with it, never underestimate the spiritual challenges of long bike trips.Do you think these bike travel tips are useful?The ten tips listed above describe the top ten mistakes I made before and early on my first bike trip.I wrote this so that you can avoid the same problem I have.
Maybe you are already traveling and you would like to share your own experience and/or suggestions.You are welcome to do so in the comments section below.For those who are about to start your first trip, have fun and let us know what\'s going on.
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