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bivy tent - lightweight durable tent

by:COSCO     2019-08-30
Bivy or sack is derived from the name \"bivouac sack\" and was invented for climbers eager to provide light weather protection for sleeping bags.
The early vy sacks were just waterproof nylon slippers for sleeping bags.
These are very good for protecting sleeping bags from rain, but in terms of ventilation, it is not as good as the ventilation steam generated by our body\'s heat.
Today\'s bivy frame tent is designed with two layers of fabric.
The Botoom layer is made of durable grade nylon (
It\'s usually tavta, sometimes Oxford)
Use polyurethane coating to make the material waterproof.
This is the same type of material used for frame tent floors.
The top layer is made of a lighter anti-tearing nylon and is also treated with a waterproof and breathable laminate (
Gore Tex Tegraltex).
Many layers of this laminate are used to improve durability and performance.
For many years, the original bivy made way for the bivy shelter with tentacle features.
The residential quarters have the features that the monthly increase in normal bivys does not have.
To cope with bad weather and insects, there is an expanded shield top empty area and a complete enclosure.
These features are very popular among hikers and climbers who want to protect their tents with ultra-light weight.
Also, some bivy tents include the opening of your head, so some moisture (if it rains)
Enter the frame tent through an unobstructed opening.
One can minimize this by comfortably pulling the pull rope of the head hole.
So who would use such a tent or sack?
People who often travel alone in remote areas
Travel by bike, big-
Climbers, etc. . .
Some versions of bivy have side arm holes that allow you to do gear sorting or cooking in a warm environment of bivy. Some have full-
This means a better ventilation or strap holds the sleeping pad in place.
Bivys does not provide sit-in restricted airspace
Rising space, it\'s hard if there\'s a storm.
But sleeping on a bike is like sleeping under the stars and feeling free.
At the same time, this light carrier can protect passengers from insects, insects and rain.
If you feel uncomfortable in a small space, you may feel uncomfortable in bad weather.
Modern bivys have overlapping materials and zippers that help keep the interior of bivy at acceptable humidity levels, and breathable waterproof biys help keep it cool and dry.
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