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Bolivia: Gap year guerrilla

by:COSCO     2019-08-09
Starting from their gap year odyssey to Latin America, it is unlikely that students will bother to look up the red and black \"Che\" Guevara posters nailed to the chimney breasts.
They may agree with the romantic heroism and indomitable idealism of the handsome Argentinian, but most people may be so busy drinking as he is in Cuba, Africa and South America that it cannot trigger
However, there is a more flat connection --
In the seven years before joining Marxism, Marjo guerrilla warfare and the rural proletariat, 23-year-
Old Ernesto Guevara de la Sena is an upper classmiddle-
Medical students in Argentina are fed up with study, daily life and girlfriends.
Ernesto gave up his studies after taking only a few exams, and since December 1951 he has been on the road for six months with his best friend Amigo, who is
The motorcycle diary is a new movie that clearly shows that Latin America is already the perfect continent for two young people to carry out their tasks, and if Caracas is the ultimate destination, the real goal is self
Discover, with sex, wine and many tango en route.
Ernesto alverto began the journey with a stylish and unsmooth 1939 500cc Norton nickname La Poderosa II (
A powerful one).
The first phase took them from the city of Cordoba in lower Silas, central Argentina, to a huge U in the Argentine capital.
Say goodbye to the Guevara family)
Cross the PANPAs mountains to the west and reach the Atacama Desert through northern Chile.
Guevara\'s hometown of Argentina has some great roads.
For more than 10 years, I set out several times a year with many of them, often with friends, or on old Ford cars, or by train and bus.
I was sitting in a truck with Mendozan wine, riding a bike, a taxi, a horse, and even a motorcycle in the Lake District of Argentina.
Watching movies-
This prompted me to read the diary of Che and Granado.
Just like going back there for me, because Che\'s journey is not only significant to the author\'s ultimate destiny, but also to celebrate land travel without schedule constraints --
And friendship.
To get out of cloth South, you can take the del Prata highway in March, and cut down the highway and say goodbye to his beautiful and rich girlfriend chisina.
Today, you use electric drills, cookies and cigarettes, and small towns and montes (
Small cups planted with eucalyptus, providing shade for small farm and tall Joe\'s Cottage)-
All this reminds us that this is the richest and most populous province in Argentina.
But after leaving the coast, in the southern pan pas, the road to the West is flat, straight, shiny asphalt road.
The only company you can find is parrillas on the side of the road-
Cheap, cheerful steakhouse for BBQ spicy sausage, black pudding, chop and tender Aberdeen Angus beef.
The prize for crossing empty farmland is the lonely, pitted Ruta 40, which eventually loses its lush Clover Meadows and moisture and turns into a monotonous, Brown garbage in northern Batagonia
This epic road winds through the foothills of the Andes, enjoying close proximity from the northwestern subtropical Hoi plateau to the Strait of Magellan
Myth status in Argentina: this is a Route 66 from one empty place to another.
Western Argentina is a big country.
Even if the scenery weakens people\'s sense of existence, it will be dazzling.
In the terrible, metal-free turn-back section of the Ruta 40 that embraces the foothills of the Andes, few settlements provide comfort for lonely drivers --
Especially after dark, there is usually only one night light flashing from a remote ranch.
Once you stop to rest, the scenery will be surprisingly calm, making you and your vehicle vulnerable under the ever-expanding Sky Dome.
Set up a tent on the side of the road, I will spend the whole day watching the clouds and Vulture, and see the shooting stars at night.
However, as the car admits in the diary, there are periods of \"morbid fatigue\" and monotony.
After a quick sprint (
Occasional failure to give or take)
Along the winding seven-Lake Highway between the San Martin Delos Andes and barilochi (
Towns and roads are now firmly on the tourist map)
He wrote, \"see a lake, a forest, and a separate house with Wells in it --
The garden tends to start soon.
Looking at the landscape on this superficial level will only capture its boring unity and will not allow you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the place;
For this you have to stop for at least a few days \".
The car is a warm backpacker and a fierce budget, is a prototype
Independent Traveler, guerrilla team member of the gap year
Always analyze his experience and question the soul of his tour.
He would think that modern package travel is a meaningless consumption activity.
Traveling through a series of cold, pristine blue lakes in the Andes Mountains, arriving at the small port of Peulla, Chile, the brave two then visited the tem, which is still the unofficial capital of the Mapuche Indians for centuries, he has been resisting the Spanish Army.
Pablo Neruda spent his childhood there, and he wrote, \"in this frontier, the most western part of my country, I was born in life, born in this land
Cutting thin Chile in half is a single, straight road to dreams: the Pan American Highway, 16,000 miles from the Chilean Lake to Alaska --
Darin Gap, which is only between Colombia and Panama, is broken.
Along the highway, the two slowly reached Valparaiso by bike, two days later
The horse town and Moody\'s forest in Guevara are rocked by the \"beauty of the madhouse Museum\" of this noble port, its funiculars, winding stairs and brightly colored houses on the hillside
When they travel, young free travelers use a variety of scams to adjust their demeanor to local style to win favor.
Brain, medicine, self
Almost everywhere they go, demeaning and Natti dance moves make them go far --
Although Chile\'s generous charity will not attend a banquet with Guevara and a local hard-nosed wife.
The traveler was driven out of town.
Eventually La Poderosa gave them up.
In central Chile, after a deadly collision with a group of cattle.
Since then, they are basically in the middle.
Class beggars, begging elevators, boards and food scraps from nobles and farmers.
They sat on a merchant ship and sailed along the coast of Chile to antófagusta on the edge of the Atacama desert.
4x4 off these days
The \"driest desert in the world\" road experience is a key part of any tour in the area, and even mines are sold as \"ghost city\" attractions.
When I visited in 1996, I was amazed at surrealist rock sculptures, eroded, scarlet and Emerald formations, salt plains and Oasis.
But when Alberto and Che arrived by elevator from antófagusta to the mining town of \"cold, glacier\" in Chikata Mata, they were not attacked by the barren garbage of Atacama, it was attacked by the pain of the workers they met.
As Latinos, Alberto and Che are aware of the connection between their own lives and the exploitation and difficulties they see.
After entering Peru, Guevara and Granado felt a fundamental change.
Suddenly, the land was high, empty and dry, and the culture was strange and mysterious.
They were fascinated and upset by Quechuaand Aymara-
Speaking of Indians, they are staring silently at travelers in Argentina, perhaps picky.
As they progress, Guevara feels deeply about being in a more authentic America.
The ruins of Machu Picchu represent the United States where Guevara\'s Creole ancestors have been eradicated;
For cars, they are both monuments to the conquest of indigenous peoples and a powerful symbol for the replacement of the United States --
His native language is Paris, South America, where European customs are a norm of desire, contrary to his Argentinian novels.
The last stop of their trip, through the tropics, was full of color: they traveled along rio Ucuyali (
Tributary of Peruvian Amazon)
There are poker players and a beautiful puta on La Cenepa (tart);
They work in a leprosarium in San Pablo, Amazon bank;
They took a temporary raft to Leticia, Colombia, and they named MamboTango.
They then flew to Bogota for the last time and took a minibus (paid -
Everyone who rides has his limit)to Caracas.
There, close friends parted ways.
What does Che Guevara think about Walter Salais\'s road film (
This is a yanqui type, if any)
About his early escape?
There is no doubt that he hates T-with movie stars and inevitable-
As the film opens in the capitalist west and east, it will spread.
He may condemn his personal passionate motorcycle trip as a package for the tourist route.
But there is also a more encouraging legacy: After completing secondary school, young men and women in Argentina continue on their way out of the city of Argentina, Córdoba, Rosario and others;
Chile in San Diego is the same as Peru in Lima.
They left behind the clutter and claustrophobia of big cities, not only to escape from reality, but also to seek experience and education.
I\'m sure Guevara will approve it.
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