bridal jewelry in india

by:COSCO     2020-06-06
Marriage is a special day for anyone.
It is considered a very sacred bond in India.
An Indian woman saw the wedding day as the most important day of her life.
To make this special day perfect, the preparation of Indian families lasted for several months.
Jewelry plays a very important role in the Indian wedding.
The Indian bride usually wears beautiful jewelry from head to foot, which complements her dress and personality.
Usually, Indian brides use the following decorations: Maangtika or tiara: a headwear called Maangtika in Hindi is used to decorate the central forehead of the bride.
Now there are different styles and colors for Maangtikas.
Usually, for bridal clothing, the Maangtika with the decoration center piece is preferred, and it has a long rope.
In modern times, tiaras are also used in the form of Crown.
Hair accessories: In today\'s era, the trend of using hair accessories is becoming more and more popular.
It is rapidly becoming a fashion.
Hair accessories should be combined
Consistent with the bride\'s dress.
If the bride\'s dress is inlaid with diamonds, the hair accessories with diamonds can be used.
Pearl headwear and silver hairpins are also popular in fashion.
In some communities in India, delicate headwear made of flowers are used as part of bridal clothing.
Earrings: the styles and colors of the earrings are different.
They range from small, delicate to hanging, heavy.
Earrings are made of different metal, using different gems or pearls.
The current trend is that earrings are worn throughout the ear.
Brides usually wear earrings hanging on their hair.
Nose ring: the traditional nasal ring worn by the Indian bride appears in the form of a ring attached to the chain where the hair is hooked.
It is called \"nath\" in Hindi \".
In some caste, there is no chain in the nose ring.
With the change of fashion, the nose ring is also changing.
Now it appears in a different style and quickly becomes a fashion.
Necklace: necklace is the most versatile bridal jewelry of our time.
It is available in a variety of styles and colors.
The type of necklace depends on the neckline and color and pattern of the bridal dress.
According to fashion experts, a long necklace looks good and has a deep neck, while a necklace fits the smaller neckline.
Armband: the armband is called \"bajubandh\" in Hindi \".
It is also a widely used bridal jewelry, worn on the upper part of the arm.
Bracelet: the bracelet is the most important part of the bridal costume.
There are a variety of bracelets on the market today, made of different metals, inlaid with different gems and pearls.
Nowadays, bracelets are becoming more and more popular as bridal costumes.
Refers to the ring: refers to the ring is also the most important piece of bridal jewelry.
In the case of rings, there are many styles to choose from in the market.
Like other jewelry, the ring also has different metals, colors and gems.
Generally wear a ring on the ring finger.
However, finger rings can be worn on several fingers, depending on the bride\'s preference.
Ring bracelet: The ring bracelet is a bracelet connected to the finger ring through a chain.
Wearing a ring bracelet is a custom in certain sectors of India.
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