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Britain’s most notorious unsolved murders including Melanie Hall, Suzy Lamplugh and Jill Dando that have left cops baffled

by:COSCO     2019-08-15
The murders have confused police across the UK and hurt friends and families eager to do justice for their loved ones.
According to recent data, almost one quarter of all murders committed in the UK has not been resolved, and Sun Online has seen some of the most notorious and notorious cases still to be resolved.
Thirty years ago, two 18-year-
In a scenic nature reserve in Brighton, the old boys found two murdered female students.
Nicola, 10, and nineyear-
Old friend Karen hadiway was strangled, sexually abused, and then left in the bush in the wild Park.
Miserable friends crowded in the bush, Karen\'s head rested on her friend\'s lap.
A day ago on October 9, 1986, the young men were taken away from a manor near where they lived after going out to play.
No one has been convicted, and although the investigation has become bigger than the Brighton bombing investigation, Nicolas and Karen are known as babies in the forest.
Bili, February 15, 1997
Joe Jenkins was named 18-
She drew a patio door in Hastings\'s garden. The 13-year-
After the brutal murder, the old man was found in a pool of blood, with a head injury that shocked the whole country.
She was in trouble early in her life, and after her father was imprisoned and her mother found herself unable to cope, she was placed in foster care for an unrelated family.
The female student\'s adoptive father, Sion Jenkins, was jailed for six years for murdering her, but was formally acquitted on 2006 after the jury failed to make two retrial decisions.
Twenty years later, Billy.
Joe\'s murderer is still at large. The 14-year-
Old has just waved goodbye to her friend and is going to meet her boyfriend when she is killed by a stick and thrown into the river liven.
The next day, a drug addict found her beaten body in the water, and her coach was placed on the Bank of West Dunbarton County on August 25, 1996.
Caroline was the victim of the unmotivated violent attack.
There was no evidence of sexual assault, but a taxi driver recalled that on the night she was killed she saw a man with a headscarf.
Despite the appeal and emotional plea of criticism from her mother, she never found the murderer who killed the teenager.
Thirty years ago, real estate agent Suzy Lamplough went to see a client named Mr. Kipper and showed him a house in Fulham, London.
After the visit to the Mystery House, Suzy never showed up again.
The convicted murderer, John Kanan, was asked about the disappearance, but due to the failure of the investigation to find any credible clues, Suzy lamplu was officially declared dead on 1994.
For decades, police have been tracking down clues, including checking the prosecution files of despicable Suffolk lesterle Wright, who knows Suzy in her 80 s, but there is no other evidence that serial killers are involved in the crime.
Twenty years ago, college graduate Melanie disappeared after spending a night in Bath.
Her last appearance was in the early hours of June 9, 1996, at the Cadillacs nightclub in Bath, where she sat on a stool on the edge of the dance floor.
Her body was found by a worker 13 years after her disappearance in 2009.
Several arrests related to her death, but no one was charged.
On 2001, Crimewatch host Jill Dando was shot dead outside her apartment in West London-her murderer was never found.
When she died, she was one of the most famous faces of the BBC. Barry George -
History of tracking women and sexual assault
He was found guilty, but was acquitted after eight years in prison.
Have not found the culprit
On March 2009, chef Claudia Lawrence disappeared on his way to work at York University.
Despite multiple arrests
She was accused of missing.
Although her body has never been found, North Yorkshire Police believe she was murdered.
Her 70-year-old father, Peter Lawrence, recently spoke about the hope that investigators would investigate the possible responsibility of double-killer Christopher Harry well for her disappearance.
But the national effort by Wiltshire Police Chief Mike Ville to try to link haltville to more crimes has proved futile.
Muriel is only 12 years old. years-
On 1946, she was raped and shot in the woods of Swansea pelegel, when she was on her way home from school.
This case is called the murder of Little Red Riding Hood.
Description of a man
About 30 people were told to have something to do with the killings, with thick and fluffy hair, in Brown light-hearted trousers and a light brown sports jacket.
Police believe the murderer may be between 18 and 25 years old when the murder occurred, and now it may be around 80 years old.
On November 15, 1997, 14-year-old Kate Bube walked while her neighbor, Jack Russell, had his throat cut.
Her father found the female student\'s body in a field just 700 yards from the ekwick family home in Exeter.
The locals said they saw blood.
Just minutes before Kate\'s body was found, the wet man ran out of the area.
Her murderer is still at large, but a retired detective believes the young man\'s death is linked to two other women who were killed while walking their dogs in remote areas.
On December 1986, 24-year-old bartender Linda left Portsmouth\'s home to visit a friend nearby.
She was raped and strangled in a wasteland, and the attacker stepped on her several times with such a great force that her chin and spine were broken and her throat crushed, his right sneakers were printed on her abdomen.
Linda\'s brutal attack lasted 15 minutes, and later in the day her nudity was found in the horrific killings later known as the Cinderella murder.
Sailor Michael Shirley, 18, was jailed for life for killing the bartender but released after 16 years in prison
This is the first time a British court has revoked a previous conviction on the basis of filing new DNA evidence.
On the morning of November 13, 1536, London businessman Robert Picton crossed the street from his home in Cheapside to the church opposite.
In London, he is likely to be the first time he has ever killed a man with a pistol. he was shot dead by a wheel lock pistol.
Although a \"gray reward\" was provided for reference, his murderer was never found.
However, some historians speculated that his death might have been ordered by the city\'s bishop because he opposed \"the greed and cruelty of the clergy\" in Parliament \".
On the afternoon of Friday, September 21, 2001, a young black child was found floating on the Tower Bridge of the Thames in the dismemberment of his torso.
The boy\'s limbs were removed and the only dress was an orange pair of shorts around the stump on his leg.
In the absence of identification, the police named the body Adam.
Police believe Adam was from Nigeria and he was murdered during a magic ceremony in West Africa.
Although Patrick Erhabor may be the child brought from Germany to London after his parents were repatriated back to Nigeria, no one has been charged with murdering him and the horrific case is still pending.
Julia Wallace was killed in January 1931 as one of the most documented cold cases in British history.
The night before Julia was murdered in February 1933, her insurance salesman husband William went to see an R.
M discuss the next day\'s insurance at qualtroough, 25 east of Menlove garden.
He took the tram to the south of the city at the time of request and found that although there were Menlove Gardens in the north, south and west, there was no East.
After searching for 45 minutes, he returned home and found his wife killed by a stick on the floor.
Wallace was convicted and hanged for murdering his wife, but his conviction was overturned on appeal and the murderer was never captured.
The chilling case is considered the oldest murder in Britain, dating back to May 1914.
Ombler, a market trader in Hull and brother of a city councillor, was found to have his head hit the kitchen floor after being attacked by fire poker.
The only clue that police have to continue the investigation is to see a man who has a spotted silencer on his body that \"hovers\" at the crime scene in the morning \".
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