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Decorate show tent when should pay attention to what matters

by:COSCO     2020-08-29
Auto show and is often referred to as exhibition frame tent awning room room, exhibition activities, awning room, is a kind of exhibition equipment using rate is very high. Now, the function of auto show awning room has been beyond the traditional exhibition booth, make all kinds of exhibition held no longer constraint at indoor, then can appear in more ways in the outdoors, be show your company culture, power, and the values of new space. So, show awning room how to put talents will play its value the most exaggerated? We placed in auto show which guidelines to follow when awning room? Confirm the color. During the whole exhibition activities, we need to confirm a color scheme, in the auto show external and internal two wonderful use of colour, can be useful for products and services the company disclose show in front of the customer. Like the color of that kind of a mess, can make the person aesthetic difficulties, don't work. Choose the booth. Show the product or service, not to say that inside the frame tent can be any corners, thus we can flash products demand picking the booth. His back to the frame tent wall for square table is compared commonly suitable location. If there is demand, you can also add a layered approach. Show the way. In exhibition awning room, we need according to their own product characteristics and the method of feature to select show. Hang such as window cloth and other textiles, demand will be more beautiful, handicraft is more appropriate to put inside the glass, while some products directly put out right.
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