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Delicate Terrain

by:COSCO     2019-08-20
Four hours north of Boston, I took off Interstate 95 and traveled along the remote route of Maine.
After another hour, after a sign with the words \"hunting bears with Dick\", I arrived at Greenville entertainment center on the Hunan shore of moselhead.
I took a coffee and a terrible cup of coffee and then on the last point, 45-
It is best to stretch for a minute on the friction dirt of the trucks driving in these lanes.
I got to my destination, little Leford Pond Camp, a little run down, but when I found the hummingbird on the front porch of the main cottage, my mood improved.
A woman sitting in a rocking chair, wearing colorful skirts and hiking boots, gave me a \"life is happiness\" smile, and back to the city, I might equate it with swallowing the happy pill.
But I accepted her.
Six cottages are nestled in a velvety green grove surrounded by tall pine and birch trees in the northern forest. A two-
A few minutes walk I came to the first little Leford Pond, a serene gem shrouded in the tall ridges of the Baker and Indian mountains, and now the woman\'s smile makes a lot of sense.
Opened in 1873 as a timber camp for those hardlinersas-
The bark man cut down the trees, then rode the wood to the paper mill on a fast-rumbling river, and little Leford transitioned to a sports camp in early 1900. So-
The so-called sports will take long-distance trains from Boston and New York to hunt deer and catch local Creek trout along the waters of the west bank of the Pleasant River.
In the past 20 years, however, many rural retreats, located deep in the forests of much of northern New England, have disappeared due to a decline in business.
With the increasing popularity of online and video games, the younger generation has abandoned outdoor activities and switched to indoor activities.
The number of visitors to Baxter State Park in Maine\'s forest center has dropped from 75,000 in 2000 to more than 55,000 last year.
This calm of enthusiasm for outdoor activities may be exactly what is needed to pave the way (
Yes, pave is the most appropriate word)
The land developed by Meixi, for generations, has been mainly used in forestry.
Outside the window of that new trophy house will be one of the largest forests in the United States, with more than 10 million acres of land barely touched by anything but timber trucks.
The jungle in northern Maine is dotted with secluded lakes, rivers and swimming pools;
This is a distant paradise, and only the most tenacious adventurers or lumberjacks will bother to travel.
They seem to have a company now.
Maine may never be the same.
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