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Desperate mum ‘had no other choice’ but to SELL her six-year-old daughter so the rest of her family could eat

by:COSCO     2019-08-15
Shortage of food and drinking water in dry areas
Fighting Afghanistan has led desperate families to sell their children to survive.
A widow who lost her husband in the war sold her six. year-
She told CNN\'s old daughter, a photographer, to avoid hunger \".
The broadcaster visited a refugee camp outside Herat and spoke to Mamareen, who lost his home and now lives under plastic cloth.
She is one of thousands of people displaced by drought in western Afghanistan.
The United Nations recently said more than 2 million people were threatened by water shortages, crop failures and livestock deaths.
Mamareen told CNN that she fled her village with three children and wanted help, \"but I didn\'t get anything \".
Worried that her family was starving, she \"gave my daughter to a man for about $3,000, but so far it\'s only $70.
Mamareen stressed that she took this action because there was no breadwinner, the family had no money and therefore no food, and she said that while her daughter Akila was unaware of the deal, she \"has no choice . . . . . . She must go.
\"Who will sell a part of her heart unless they really have to do so?
\"The young achilah was sold to Najib Modin, who promised the girl to his 10-year-old son, Shere Aga.
CNN visited her buyers in another richer tent in the camp, saying the purchase was a charity Act.
\"Her family has nothing to eat,\" he said.
They are hungry.
Najmuddin claims he is \"poor\" and says he intends to slowly pay off the remaining money promised to the girl\'s mother over the next two yearsto-three years.
When the photographer pointed out that Akila was just a child, Najmuddin replied that it had nothing to do with Afghanistan, \"These things happen here.
An old man married a young girl. It happens.
Reuters said earlier this month that Afghanistan is now facing severe food shortages in many areas after decades of war.
There are 2 countries.
6 million people in emergency situations
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, food insecurity is a stage of complete famine.
The majority of Afghan territory still lacks basic infrastructure, including electricity and paved roads.
The international aid organization said that if there is no emergency assistance, 10.
By next year, 6 million people, or more than the Afghan population, may be \"food insecurity\", two of them.
9 million of emergencies
Level is not safe
Due to the degradation of most of Afghanistan\'s agricultural land, many areas did not have laws after years of war, food insecurity increased the pain, but did not cause the same headlines as the war.
While Herat is one of the more prosperous cities in Afghanistan, it cannot provide work for thousands of newcomers, and its infrastructure is under increasing pressure, officials said.
\"If the situation does not improve, drinking water will be a problem next year,\" said Mohammad Asif Rahimi, governor of Herat . \".
\"Herat cannot cope with 50,000 families next year.
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