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Details of the production and function of awning room effect

by:COSCO     2020-09-08
Awning room consumption manufacturers not only only is presented on an activity, most will be applied in avoid uv mapping, in front of the store that sells electric cars and car some also can see the existence of the awning room, unit modular structure, the length of the resolution by demand, can do their stitching, plus no stele inside the tent, the display area can be abundant application good every inch of space, the atmosphere of the space to exhibitors and participants are no less than any indoor exhibition hall by telepresence. Awning room consumption effect of the function of the manufacturer should be done for the implementation of an activity a good propaganda window, more can increase a campaign around the environment, or a good exhibition display props, the image of this item is marked will let customers in far interval time could see at a glance, show the awning room this bold state in the exhibition display equipment also has a short position. Awning room namely, lightweight metal components such as light steel, aluminum alloy and membrane in cloth or inflated, temporary building similar tent, usually for performances, etc. Awning room is not high to the requirement of building sites, an open flat field, such as grass can build task. Due to the limited bearing capacity of structures and stability of the two, light weight, so almost no foundation. At the same time, demand for water and electricity facilities such as awning room also is very low, in most of the awning room only need to meet the requirements of power load, and the great need of the water. Awning room rental, awning room sizes. Some only a few square meters, but some is large span, large area, have even on the layer number of two or three layers of structure. Interpretation of the theme of expo show, is also a stage performance show kind of frame tent.
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