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Deutschland 86: The Cold War drama is back - carefully off-kilter with a pitch perfect soundtrack

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
There is a moment in the fourth episode of episode 86 in Germany, our East German hero Martin Lach (Jonas Nay)
Detained under a gun in a Libyan tent.
The story of how he ended in the deserthalf-captive, half-commodity -is long.
This involved a period of exile as a German teacher in an Angolan orphanage, in South Africa, where a sexy dentist stole jewelry and in a tense moment he had to defeat an attempt to blow up the refinery.
This last one is particularly complicated for students with double degrees.
The deal was because it was Martin who delivered the bomb and he was looking at the wires while the timer was ticking.
If you watch in weekly installments on More4, congratulate yourself
Refrain and apologize for the vandals.
But let\'s go back to that tent in episode 4.
The gun pointing to Martin\'s head was caught by Colonel Gaddafi\'s foot --soldiers, as —
This is 1986
Libyan leaders colluded with East Germany to support terrorism in Paris.
There is not much money in East Germany, so there are many suspicious plans.
Patients at the hospital are being sold to Western drug trials, garbage from West Berlin is placed in the east, and-
Stand clear, symbol of stupid approach-the HVA (
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany)
Boat of love from West Germany (Traumschiff)
To provide foreign holidays (
Never leave the boat)
To the honorable comrades, when using the cargo hold to transport \"sensitive goods --
Offering goods to Western companies aiming to defeat the apartheid system in South Africa.
Wait, gun.
So Gaddafi\'s men tried to find out who Martin worked.
\"The truth is like the sun,\" Martin replied . \".
\"You can turn it off for a while, but it won\'t go away.
\"Who said it?
Asked the angry Libyan. “Engels?
\"Elvis,\" Martin replied.
\"You don\'t know Elvis?
\"A lot has happened since Martin saved the world in Germany 83.
The story has gone global, the scenery is wider and the sky is brighter.
In principle, the plot is a rainbow of gray morality.
As television, it is in a strict sense of contemporary, with the dialogue of multiple languages, distorted views,ahistorically —
Women who play a central role in action (
The most striking figure is Aunt Nora, who is confident in Martin (
Performed brilliantly by Maria Schrad).
There is greater ambition in the work now.
Martin is like Jason Bourne or bond.
But the spy superhero metaphor remains fresh in the framework, and the cold war is both an incredible exercise of cynicism and control, and a convenient metaphor for today\'s unprincipled chaos.
This is a dream, this is a re-examination of the recent history, in this dream, everything is carefulkilter.
Most importantly, it looks great, but the attention to detail is precise.
The tune on the soundtrack is completely correct.
Whether it\'s a cure for synthetic dance music or a car, Elvis Costello\'s \"I want you to attract sexy dentists\" or Falco\'s Der Kommissar is in an extremely dangerous moment in a Libyan tent, everything is a few degrees away, but completely convincing.
Like a stress dream full of racist dogs and pantyhose queues.
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