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ditch the diamonds – birthstone engagement rings are this year’s big wedding trend

by:COSCO     2020-08-02
When you think of an engagement ring, you might think of a big sparkling diamond.
Or if you have more budget
Consciously, you are thinking about the possibility of buying.
For some, the widespread presence of diamond engagement rings makes those huge rocks feel a bit overdone.
A new trend is perfect for those who are tired of diamonds
Choice: The birthstone engagement ring.
According to Etsy\'s 2019 trend report, the birthday stone engagement ring will be the next big event at the wedding.
As a February baby, I came here for it (
People who don\'t love purple crystals).
This trend is an easy way to make engagement rings more personalized, it will keep you away from the same rings as other brides, this is probably a lot cheaper than trying to buy the biggest diamond you can buy.
Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy, said:\"
The diamond engagement ring is integrated into the birthstone.
On Etsy, we \'ve seen 34K searches for \"raw stone engagement rings\" in the last three months, and I predict that this trend will continue to grow.
2019 will be a turning point in traditional style.
For generations, the diamond has been the ultimate stone of marriage proposal, but today\'s bride is not bound by norms --
She wants to express her personal style and choose a ring that reflects her personality
That\'s why other gems will get better in the new year.
Staples of engagement ring
Before you start updating your tents wedding Pinterest or looking for colored gems for your partner, you should probably get to know the birthstone for each month.
So, which one is some of your notes on the list.
There are many birthmarks in a few months. Sadly, there is no official management agency to explain which birthmark in that month is correct (
The list above has the most popular ruling).
In December, for example, the turquoise, zirconium and tanz stones were its birthstones, while the June pearls were the Alexander stones.
If you\'re looking for it, there\'s good news there-there are multiple options for babies in December and June.
However, those who had their April birthday will have to deal with boring old diamonds. How sad.
There are other things to consider before you go all out to focus on the birthstone trend: the hardness level of the Ministry of Health.
Diamonds are not only used for engagement rings because they are beautiful, but they are not easily scratched or otherwise damaged because the stones are hard and hard.
It scores 10 points on the Ministry of Health\'s hardness scale, which is the official measure of how easy it is for you to scrape gems with harder substances.
The general consensus is that the score is 7 points.
The 5 or later version of the stone is suitable for engagement rings as you want something that is suitable for everyday wear.
Unfortunately, some birthmarks do not match this mark.
Durian, purple crystal and olive rock are all between 6. 5-7.
5, which means they are not ideal, but they become engagement rings as long as you are gently with them. Ruby (nine), sapphire (eight)
Aquamarine (eight), and topaz (eight)
Good choice.
Apologies to those who celebrated their birthday on June, as the pearl is definitely not suitable for engagement rings, with a hardness score of only 2 points. 5.
The same is true for children in October as opals scored 6 points.
Our suggestion is not to be stuck on the birthmark too much.
If you don\'t like green but happen to be born in May, you don\'t have to buy Emerald.
Instead, let this trend open up the world of possibilities.
Just like you\'re not tied to your birthstone, you don\'t have to be tied to a diamond when it comes to engagement rings.
You don\'t even need stones if you\'re not interested.
There\'s nothing you like-this is your ring.
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