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Dome sweet home

by:COSCO     2019-08-12
Think about Hobbit\'s house and then add the big energy saving, circular space and design developed 30 years ago.
On a Cedar open in western Ottawa, a new home looks like three huge pieces of sand is being built --
Colorful ice houses stick together.
Like the Hobbit House, or the home of Luke Skywalker on the planet Tatooine.
\"It\'s strange,\" admitted the builder of the Great Lakes dome, sunny kushney.
But proud bosses Ray and Beckie Moulton love the round look and prefer all the money they save on energy costs.
In fact, the desire for high energy
Efficient homes bring them to what is called the overall dome structure.
David south of the United States built the first overall dome in 1976 after years of testing with the ground wire dome and polyurethane foam insulation.
The first dome was stored in Idaho for potatoes, the first house was built a year later, and the patent was approved in 1979.
Over the next decade, South and his brothers built domes for water, grain and salt storage, municipal offices, churches, shops, high schools, clinics, fitness centers and families.
In 1990, Souths set up the overall Dome Institute in Texas to train people to build the dome.
Kushney was a skeptic at first, but the more research he did, the more he proved to himself that the dome house made sense, even for the Canadian climate.
He went to Texas with his business partner Colin mcloughd for a week.
They took part in training for a long time, and they were attracted in just two hours.
\"We really found the process very simple, very simple,\" Cushnie said . \".
The couple launched the Great Lakes dome.
And built kushney\'s home near Lake Huron as a model.
500 people were present in an open-air House, including nosey neighbors and people from Ottawa.
\"From there, it\'s only uphill,\" he said . \"
They built a commercial dome in downtown Toronto as a model showroom for the apartment (not a dome).
Morton\'s house is their third mission, but they have confirmed that another four will be built this year ---
One Halifax, three Ontario.
At the same time, two years ago, moving from Suk to murte, Ottawa, after an interest in the environment and energy, is looking for a dome builder --
Efficiency issues when they live in B. C.
Due to the leak problem, they discarded the Dome of the ground wire and then found the Institute online.
\"We like to see it right away,\" said Ray Morton . \".
The dome is located on a circular concrete pad and is based below the frost line.
And then strange things started.
Think about making a pine cone with a balloon with paper skin-
Only you apply glue and notes to the inside of the balloon, not to the outside.
PVC case attached to builder--
This is customized.
Made according to the plan--
To the mat, inflate it with a large fan that keeps going day and night until the shell of the dome is finished.
This is a balloon.
Next is papier mache.
The builder sprayed 7.
Inside the shell is a 6 cm polyurethane foam insulation material followed by a steel bar attached to the hook embedded in the foam.
They then sprayed 10 cm of the concrete onto the steel bars.
Once all layers are hardened, the dome is finished and the fan is off.
The carpenter then moved in to install the doors and windows and build the interior walls according to the floor plan.
Pipes and electrical pipes are embedded in the foundation earlier.
Moltons plans to finish their exterior with acrylic plaster, but other coatings such as cedar shakes can also be used.
The dome is strong enough to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. -
Survived Hurricane Katrina. -
In addition, they do not burn or rot and require little maintenance.
Mouons designed a floor plan with two larger domes and a smaller connecting dome, about 2,100 square feet in total, with a ceiling height of nearly 4.
3 m from the top.
The main entrance is a central dome with laundry and mechanical rooms.
The dome on the left will accommodate the master bedroom with two smaller bedrooms for their children.
The dome on the right will be the main living space with an open kitchen with a large room with a skylight on the top of the dome and lots of round
Windows and patio doors at the top.
Of course, the exterior wall will be round so that the photos will hang out of the wall.
Family and friends initially thought they were crazy, but they had accepted the idea, Morton said. And while two-year-
Old Anthony is too young to appreciate his unique new homeyear-
Lao Yu from \"why can\'t I live in a house like everyone else?
Now, it\'s a cool house, a round house.
\"To save energy bills, the mouse relies on that thick layer of foam insulation.
They will have a reason.
Source heat pumps, except for a small amount of electricity that runs the pump, they hardly pay anything for the Heat.
Other energy savings will come from Energy Star-
Rated windows, appliances and fixtures.
Owner of Homestead Building Solutions building consultant Ross Elliott has done a preliminary inspection and predicts that the home will only use the energy used in the traditionally built electric heating home.
While \"Energy Star\" families must have at least 78 energy-saving guidelines for energy efficiency and right-hand for new household sizes
Elliott predicts that at least 80 houses are in 2000 and about 85 in Morton.
\"The House will be very airtight,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s very sustainable.
It will be there for 1,000 years.
Bank and mortgage
The loan company is skeptical, and despite the good credit rating and the ability of the bank to pay the fee, the fee will be around $300,000 ---
Similar to anything else with high energy. efficient home.
\"This is probably the biggest challenge for our entire project,\" Morton said . \".
While raising many questions, the City of Ottawa also postponed the construction permit.
\"Everything is ready now,\" he said . \"
\"It would be easier if someone went to Ottawa to build another one.
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