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drought sharpens morocco nomads-farmers dispute

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
Tiznit (Morocco)(AFP)-
\"We refuse to be locked in cages,\" moujun, a nomadic herdsman, declared . \" He claimed the rights and customs of his relatives while grazing livestock in large areas of southern Morocco.
But the determination of the herdsmen to roam freely caused them to dispute with the farmers of the crops in the suss area.
In the village of Arbaa Sahel, the arable farmer, Hmad, and many of his peers, were angered by droves of wheat and corn.
Drought has made parts of these plateaus dry, and tensions have intensified when water is scarce ---
Local media have reported several clashes in recent months and herdsmen are looking for pastures.
The battle is also taking place on social networks.
The video showed men wearing headscarves attacking villagers with sticks and swords, appearing as nomadic herdsmen.
Some villagers even uploaded pictures of so-called camels.
Attack on their apricot forest.
According to local testimony, some residents fought back by poisoning water supplies and pastures used by nomadic peoples.
\"All this land belongs to the locals,to)
Father and son-
They\'re not grazing areas, \"35-year-
Old Hmad in leather jacket and sneakers.
He angrily pointed out that the wheat fields around Arbaa Sahel near the city of tizzet were \"trampled to death by sheep \".
The region has been attracting nomadic herdsmen for decades. -
The verdant landscape is a major attraction compared to the eastern dry area. -\'Identity\' -
Over the past few years, \"The arrival of the flock has increased significantly due to drought,\" nomad mou said loudly, wearing sunglasses and blue headscarves.
This has exacerbated tensions.
According to Hassan of the Commission, since December, a local land organization has recorded 18 cases of aggression by nomadic herdsmen against farmers in Arbaa Sahel.
However, the Moroccan authorities said only 15 cases were on record throughout the suss region.
Tensions are not limited to farmland ---
Forests that occur in thorny areas, including space nuclear power sources.
2 million hectares.
The villagers considered the forests to be their property, in line with the customs of their ancestors.
But Mouyama believes that nomadic culture and the right to roam freely constitute a \"part of Moroccan identity \".
He took his smartphone for tea and discussed recent tensions with his nomadic friends who set up big tents while looking for a ranch.
In such a tent, women prepare food for the group. -
A metal tray filled with roasted liver and other meat.
Abou Bakr squatted next to mouchin and drank a glass of goat\'s milk, giving up his studies and instead liking the nomadic way of life.
His parents came from about 200 kilometers of desert. 120 miles)away.
Abu Bakr said that some herdsmen have crossed large deserts this year, covering nearly 1,000 kilometers.
They moved in-
Escape from the drought-
Their tents and cattle were packed with trucks.
When there is little rain, the nomadic people will keep migrating, but when there is enough rain, their actions will be more limited.
\"Children\'s education promotes the stability of nomadic choices,\" said Abu Bakr . \". -
\"Freedom of roaming\"
For Mustafa Naimi, professor of Sahara studies at Rabat Mohammed V University, \"the nomadic system in Morocco is very old, but it has decreased in recent decades due to urbanization \".
Naimi explained that the nomadic roaming of the whole family was gradually replaced by the small-scale nomads of the shepherds.
According to official statistics, there are currently about 40,000 nomadic shepherds in the country.
At the same time, the number of \"stocks increased, with 3 heads.
15 million heads of livestock. . .
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, \"conflicts have been caused \".
Hasan, a member of the Land Council, recalled that when the shepherds arrived with the flock, they would request \"permission\" from the residents \".
The central government has passed a law aimed at regulating nomadic grazing and allowing \"reasonable development of vegetation \".
The legislation only allows for certain areas anddefined routes.
Nomads must obtain a permit or they will face punishment.
But the law was rejected by both camps.
\"We insist on roaming freely,\" Herder moujah said . \".
On the other side of the fence, the farmers\' land Commission resolutely opposed the government --
Specify grazing on land belonging to local residents.
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