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Factors that affect the price of tent and performance are introduced

by:COSCO     2020-09-14
Can be made of nylon, cotton or polyester canvas tents, support bar can also be made from aluminum alloy or composite materials. It is important to note that some of the tent is made of various materials, it will affect the price of the tent, and performance. in doors and Windows, tent ventilation is very important, so it is necessary to carefully examine frame tent door window. Some doors have the effect of wind, and some as a roof, give you an additional residence. This is an ideal central cooking. Check the door of the zipper. A good tent will have two zipper, so that you can out of the top or bottom. Check the door rolled up to fix it. Some tents there will be a front porch, so they can in front of the energetic application of space. Now check the window. Transparent window to ventilation, use of mosquito nets keep out, so even if you open the window to sleep, also won't be bitten by a mosquito. On a warm night, you sleep will certainly open doors and Windows, then make sure that the doors and Windows have a mosquito net. If you request to the weight of the less severe, you can choose a few less extreme tents, there are hundreds of such tents. variety, quality and the price difference is very big. There are a lot of tent company, but the quality of different brand and design also can have very different. Another difference between different brand, can big manufacturers will consider special customers. You'd think a double bed tent tent is the same size and two beds. Wrong! Some double bed may make it harder for tents to allocation, unless they are very friendly to each other. Everything else is just ordinary warmth. If the weight and size is not the most important two factors choose frame tent, we will choose a initiative you as much as you practice needs a tent two beds. For example, if you drive, you can choose a larger tent, if need, you can put it out of the car.
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