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Fall in October- Liri Tent cooperates with Equestrianism

by:COSCO     2020-06-22
We all know equestrianism is sport activity with elegance. Work that out up gentlemanlike place and noble identity by way related to perfect consociation amid men and form of transport.23 Oct., domestic and foreign horsemen will be restored and complete when it comes to top equestrian sporting event in Birdis Colony of BeijingLongines China Equestrian Master 2015, We will be given the opportunity to get pleasure wonderful equestrian On the internet on that circumstance! COSCO has received an affinity and equestrianism event for the Asian Games' Equine competition started last year. In 2014, COSCO Camping tent offered equestrian camp tents for 2014 Longines China Equestrian Build for the period. It was presented truly essential effect. (Effect picture off tents for Longines Beijing Equestrian Expert in 2015) Autumn in August 2015, COSCO Camping tents cooperates with Equestrianism once again. While the appointed frame tent dealer of Longines China Equestrian Master 2015, COSCO set up over 6,000 square metres equine tents in Home. They will be used as a horse lounge(Mews ), horse training room, horseman lounge, Private room retiring room, editing room for horsemen, judge lounge, horseback riding storage, etc. From particular, Double Decker will earn the first appearance in the Nest. It will be the first time relating to COSCO to constructing double decker seeing that VIP grandstand.5 6 . 24 hours in construction! for gloassy progress of that this equestrian event with! (Mews ) (Horse Training ) (Stand Outdoor tent of Fernstliche Games' Horseback riding Competition)
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