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Falls Festival reveller run over by car feared Lorne campsite was \'dangerous\'

by:COSCO     2019-08-14
A man who was knocked down by a car while sleeping in a tent on New Year\'s Day\'s Lorne Falls Day said he initially refused to camp on site because he was worried it was too dangerous.
Andrew Pepper, 24year-
The old plumber, who lives in Giron, said a group of his friends were worried that in wet weather, the car would be parked next to a tent on a steep hill.
\"My friend Kyle was the first car in our team and he stopped the traffic and said \'We are not camping there, \'\" Mr Pepper said \'. \".
\"But then he got all the people back in the car and the waterfall organizer came and said \'Dude, where can you put your putter \'.
\"We went there and we didn\'t want to, we knew it was dangerous and the evidence was in the pudding right now, didn\'t we?
\"Mr Pepper said that when he woke up on New Year\'s Day and heard people screaming and feeling trapped, he didn\'t know what was going on.
When a car was parked on him, he had been sleeping on his stomach.
He had tire marks on his back and appeared in consciousness from time to time.
\"My girlfriend took me a picture of my back and said, \'You have run too far, \'and showed me the picture,\" Mr Pepper said . \".
He says his spinal fracture is waiting for an MRI to investigate possible bleeding in his brain.
\"The only reason I\'m still alive, the medical staff said, is because I have a stomachache,\" he said . \".
\"If I was on my back and the car had crossed my chest, they said, it would be a completely different story.
A friend of Mr. Pepper, 21. year-
Lao Pru Blunt said she was almost crushed by a car.
\"I remember going out and looking around and hearing his girlfriend scream \'Somebody\'s in there, somebody\'s in there, \'\" she said \'. \".
A few minutes before Mr. Pepper was knocked down, after she heard a car motor and a portion of the fabric of the tent began to collapse, MS Brunt had fled the tent.
A group of her male friends began trying to lift the car from their trapped friend.
The driver of the car was a young man who had been trying to leave the camp when his car slipped.
\"Luckily, the boys were able to pull him out from under the car and let him out when the car tried to reverse, but that couldn\'t because the wheels were just spinning, brunt said: \"MS.
Mr. Pepper and his friends were very disappointed with the way the festival handled the issue and decided to express their concerns publicly.
\"They didn\'t respond to any information and they brushed us off.
\"Some of our parents are sending messages, but they don\'t get anything,\" he said . \".
\"We believe that change must be made as a group, especially those hills.
\"At the very least, you may have to separate the camping from the parking lot, especially on the Hill.
\"Falls Festival\" issued a statement saying it was \"sad\" to hear that Mr. Pepper was injured when the customer left the event site \".
\"We conducted a multi-level security check in the planning of the event site,\" the statement said . \".
\"Our experienced event staff parked cars on site to make sure they were parked at a safe angle, and to reduce the risk, we parked the car\'s nose at the tail to prevent movement.
\"As soon as the incident occurred, the police participated on the spot and the customer was handed over to our medical team.
\"Due to the nature of police affairs and privacy laws, we do not know information about the customer\'s ex-post benefits
Unless they contact us directly.
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