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Festival tent - Herringbone canopy room for music festival tent?

by:COSCO     2020-09-06
Held at home and abroad in recent years, the festival more and more, especially domestic music festivals after years of development has made great progress, like Beijing international music festival, strawberry festival has a certain influence at home and abroad. Festival of awning room requirements for activities using more and more is also high. So what style of frame tent for festival tent? Herringbone canopy tent styles for room is now favored by a lot of activities, such as domestic and foreign large and small beer festival tent or some other etiquette celebration awning room, for the majority are still the preferred herringbone canopy room. ( - for says there The festival tent) Herringbone roof festival tent has the following characteristics: 1. Convenient external tarpaulin cover large area: active side in the festival awning room decoration design ideas to outside, so as to build their own personality theme music festival tent; 2. Internal space is large, herringbone roof festival tent internal use for large span structures of the net, can from 3 - span Ranging from 50 m, the length extending continuously in multiples of 3 m or 5 m, can effectively meet the diverse needs of active side; 3. Perfect supporting facilities: the company can do for music festival tent awning room room equipped with cloth curtain, lamps and lanterns, tables and chairs, air conditioning, all sorts of equipment such as carpet or floor, raise your activities. 4. Herringbone roof music festival tent frame aluminum alloy frame, has a good wind resistance, safety, ensure the safety of the audience and the performer greatly; 5. Design costs: herringbone roof tent low cost design for activities, build quick and mobile, are very popular among the major active side. The characteristics of the above listed, tent company for changzhou says there are can do it. If you also have this aspect demand, welcome to inquire, we will provide you the activities of the awning room to add a beautiful scenery line.
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