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Festive, celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival - - - - - - - Billion kam Mid-Autumn tea party

by:COSCO     2020-08-31
August 15 is a warm, the reunion of the happy days, China's traditional Mid-Autumn festival. Ushered in the billion kam enterprises ( Its wide frame tent company) for the The annual Mid-Autumn tea party, all people we billion kam family laughter, home celebrate Mid-Autumn festival together. The tea enterprises indoor ornament is dressed up, there are all kinds of lovely lanterns, improve the environment atmosphere, happy happy! And the point is, for the table staff, the credit of enterprises, as always, very generous to the tea party tents marquees prepared a big gift bag, let people are led package, including red envelopes, moon cakes, etc. Out package, and full of the table to eat fruit, snacks, drinks and so on in the shine. In eating food and laughing at the same time, we play, the game winning have multiple red envelopes, caused a stir employees, lets the scene cheering, very lively. HuanLeSheng always stop. This is the main meaning of cheering celebrate Mid-Autumn festival. Billion kam Mid-Autumn festival after the tea party, joy in all the time, let us together happy Mid-Autumn festival, wish billion kam company in the coming days can gain more surprises. All the staff together refueling refueling! ! Billion kam enterprise early to wish everyone happy Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion, all the best!
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