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Final plan for Half Dome wilderness stewardship keeps cables, lottery that limits daily hikers

by:COSCO     2019-08-14
FRESNO, Calif. -
Hiking on the semi-dome of granite boulders at Yosemite National Park is one of the most iconic in the country\'s systems, but on Friday officials announced approval of a plan to permanently limit how many people can do so.
The National Park Authority will issue permits to limit the number of hikers to 400 per day. Since the temporary plan was approved in 2010 to reduce congestion in the wilderness and make hiking safer, the target number has been.
The blow to environmental groups is that the park also decided to keep it used by hikers at 45-
Finally climb the smooth granite.
Some groups do not believe handrails are part of the federal-designated wilderness area.
\"Places like Yosemite are so precious and important for millions of people, and everyone has ideas about wilderness protection.
We are trying to find a balance where people can still experience Yosemite while protecting Yosemite, \"said spokeswoman Kari Cobb.
Over the past decade, the route has been overwhelmed by as many as 1,200 nature lovers every day, trying to experience the iconic peaks of the California neighborhood, stitching on a range of outdoor clothing, and painted on the side of the park vehicle.
Congestion on the dome makes it difficult for hikers to drop in bad weather like they did in summer afternoons.
At least five people have died on the cable since 2006, and almost all have died because of the rain.
Park officials hope that if visitors have to escape the fast track, they can drop the smooth granite in 45 minutes
They say limiting the number of storms is the only way.
Park officials began looking for solutions in 2008 as rescue calls increased.
Two years later, a temporary plan was launched to allow 400 hikers a day to obtain a permit through a three-year lottery system.
Since then, the system has been adjusted by the authorities to indicate that there is no
Show two days in advance for those traveling more spontaneously and allow a second draw.
\"This is a very good tool we have provided in the past.
The person who made the previous production presented and canceled the permit
The plan, Cobb said.
At 1874, the smooth dome that rises to 5,000 feet above the bottom of the valley is described as \"completely unreachable \".
\"But in 1919, the Sierra Club was at 400-
Hike for the last climb so that visitors without rock climbing experience can reach the top of the mountain --
Size of 17 football fields
Drink views of the Little Yosemite Valley, El Capitan, endless mountains and valleys.
There is no doubt that if a decision is made today, the semi-dome will not have woven cables and pillars.
Congress passed the Wilderness Act in 1964, and 20 years later designated Yosemite National Park, including the semi-dome, as land that humans should not change. The eight-
In the wilderness area designated by the National Park, the mile round trip hike is by far the busiest.
Over the past few decades, the number of visitors to the park has steadily climbed, surpassing 4 million.
Part of the reason is that the park is close to Los Angeles and the Bay Area.
Now, for some who are worried that no cable access will be lost, scaling the semi-dome is a measure of personal tenacity.
\"At this point, I\'m glad the plan was selected to keep the cables unblocked,\" said Rick Deutsch, a hiker in the Bay Area, who wrote a book about the trek.
\"I want to say that they have come up with a plan that looks like it should work, depending on the overcrowding.
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