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finding your perfect wedding venue

by:COSCO     2020-06-11
Of all the parts of the wedding planning process, this is the most difficult and difficult one.
I found that most couples were overwhelmed when looking for a wedding venue, which laid the foundation for the next planning process.
But it\'s not necessarily the case.
There are plenty of options in every price range, and the perfect place you\'re looking for is becoming elusive. Not a problem.
I have done it so many times and the wedding venue is no longer my stage.
There are many very perfect venues in your area on your budget, but you have to find them.
On websites like wedding channels and TheKnot, most of the easy-to-find wedding venues will be very expensive, very strict, and all have the same scripts they give couples.
\"The bride and groom just don\'t know how expensive the wedding is now.
\"\" You can\'t find the wedding venue at this price.
We will handle everything for you.
We even have the wedding coordinator.
\\ \"You can\'t find a better deal anywhere else.
\"Although you will hear the news over and over again, it is not true.
Typical wedding venue (
Meaning those things you can find on Google by using the search term \"wedding venue)
Have been brainwashed training and draw as much money as possible from unsuspecting couples like you.
I\'m here to tell you the truth.
You can find a lot of amazing places that will be honest, sincere and will take your best interests to heart.
Let\'s find out how to remove the good people from the masses.
Let you start your search when you start searching for wedding venues, not from the Internet, starting with your fiancé.
To take the least stress and be as successful and happy as possible, first decide where you want to get married.
I mean country and country.
Are you thinking about the destination wedding?
Do you really want to be close?
Once you decide to have a wedding at home or abroad, talk about the United States.
If you choose a destination wedding, we will prepare another article for you!
These weddings are slightly different from the plan and you may find an amazing wedding/honeymoon package in the country of your choice.
If not, read on.
I know my husband and I have been talking about a California wedding overlooking the water for 6 months.
We didn\'t really get married until we were 1/2 years old. Many things have happened in these three years.
California is still in my mind, but seeing how most of his family moved to other states no longer has the same appeal for him.
We believe that getting married in our hometown will reduce costs, and many of the technical problems we have been trying to solve are getting married in the field.
Have the same conversation with your baby.
You may be surprised by what they think.
Now that you have chosen a country and/or a state, think about the style and location.
Indoor or outdoor?
Fancy or casual?
Wedding budget for the venue?
These important factors will help you to carefully narrow down your options.
Maybe you \'ve decided on a 40 theme wedding, which helps with some great venue ideas, or an outdoor wedding at the university you meet.
Maybe you want an extreme wedding bungee jumping or snorkeling, or a beautiful traditional wedding in a church that ends in a beautiful hotel or country club.
Did you see the choice of the wedding venue shrink rapidly?
Finding a few locations is much easier than finding every possible one.
Given the style, form, and budget you \'ve newly discovered, you\'ll probably take 5-
10 places, not hundreds of choices.
This is the beginning of my wedding for a couple.
Internet cafes now.
I do not recommend searching for \"wedding venues \".
\"Instead search for specific places you have discussed, such as\" country club \",\" hotel \",\" garden \",\" park \",\" theater \",\" church \", etc.
Find the place you\'re looking for and you\'ll have better luck (
Suitable price)this way.
If you can\'t imagine your wedding being held there while looking at their website, information and pictures, especially if it doesn\'t fit your budget, don\'t waste your time.
Cross it off your list and move on.
If you are struggling, please contact the tourism bureau in your area for help and ideas from them!
They are far behind. utilized!
Logistics includes parking lots, wheelchair access, shops for vendors, etc.
You can identify a lot of these things by simply looking at the different websites of the potential venues you are considering.
You can even call someone at each venue to save yourself time, energy, money, and gas before arranging a place to visit.
There\'s no reason to waste your precious time and energy looking at a place.
Can\'t even accommodate the number of guests you invited, 2)
No bathroom for guest, 3)
Or plan another three weddings at the same time.
Ask these questions in advance and you will be glad you did.
Some of the most important items you will be looking for include, if they can accommodate your guest list, if they provide enough parking for guests, if they provide valet parking, if they are going to provide tables and chairs for your wedding. -
Do they have enough chairs to hold your ceremony and reception or do they have to move from one to the other in the middleway through?
Do they have a sufficient number of stores for all your suppliers to use?
Is there any other function that day? How will this affect your wedding? -
Do they have enough bathrooms and dressing rooms for the new bride\'s party and groom\'s party? -
Are there any regulations for disabled guests?
Do they have a sound system for you? Or do you have to rent these equipment?
Even before you see a location, you can already start tagging some of them in your list.
Note these details, however, and the venue name you are considering so that you can come back to them if you choose.
Finally, if you are planning a ceremony and reception at two different locations (
I don\'t recommend this. )
, Before making any final choice, make sure you consider all of these things in both places and take into account the distance between them.
When it\'s finally time to visit some venues, I highly recommend that you try to compress the visit time to a few days a week. Meet with 2-
You choose to work on this project every day.
Not only does this compress your travel and stress, but you can compare it directly instead of trying to remember each one for a long time.
Try to visit some places at the same time of the day that you want to have a wedding.
If you are planning a wedding for the evening, visiting the venue only in the morning will not help you see the venue like you did at the wedding.
Be sure to take notes (
Especially your impressions and feelings)
There are still many photos.
In this way, you can discuss these issues later and make informed decisions, rather than being overwhelmed.
When you follow the instructions to go to each location, park your vehicle, and even walk into each location, try to see everything like your guests.
Is it really hard to find this place?
Is there enough or least parking?
You don\'t even know where to get into the building or are your breath taken away while pulling up and walking in?
Take the same view when you are welcome, ask questions and guide you through the building.
They will be better for you than your guests because you paid for it.
Do they respect it?
Do you feel like a welcome guest?
This is how your guests feel.
Pay attention to decoration when entering.
Ask them where will your guests enter the building?
If you are confused about where to go, you should ask if they will provide a sign to guide your guests through the building to the right room.
When you are discussing your ceremony and reception options with your guide, try to imagine where everything will be.
Where would you place tables and chairs, bars, DJs or bands, what about your caterer?
You can even ask them how to set up a room/area for the guest you want.
Consider where each part of your wedding will happen;
Your ceremony, your cocktail party and your reception.
How will people go from the entrance to the ceremony and then to each continuous area?
Where is the bathroom? Dressing rooms?
Wheelchair ramp?
You even want to ask them if you can see the room set up for the wedding even in the photo.
Do they have a size similar to your wedding so you can see how it looks?
If this is not your ideal place, you will know.
But you should ask more questions.
Personalized many venues hide the cost from the minimum dining expenses.
All this means that you have to use their caterer in order to rent out the location and you have to spend at least a certain amount of money.
You must want to know about it in advance.
This cost will be much more expensive than you get food and beverage elsewhere, and the food is usually not very good either.
Make sure you ask them if they have a minimum catering fee or if you can use your own catering service provider?
While this may seem obvious, you\'ll want to ask if you can use your own suppliers such as a photographer, florist, Baker, etc.
Or, if you have to use a specific supplier of their choice.
The venue does this to protect itself from litigation in case one of the suppliers is not successful and they like to work with people familiar with it.
However, you may or may not like the suppliers they need, and they may exceed your budget in these areas.
You have to take all these factors into account before choosing the venue.
Can you bring your own drinks? Bartender?
Can you decorate the venue according to your wedding theme/color?
Can you bring your own candles or other lighting options?
I don\'t want you to forget anything!
It\'s trouble shooting now.
Before you take any place too seriously, you will want to know how they deal with potential problems.
You want to ask the question: who will supervise and troubleshoot on the day of the wedding to make sure everything is going as expected?
How long will they stay at the venue on your big day?
Can you see them now?
How about the plan for bad weather? -
If you\'re thinking of a wedding outside (
80% of couples usually do this)
What are their plans if it rains, snows, etc. ?
Are they ready to get guests to and from different wedding events, to and from their car?
If something happens at the venue before your big day, what is the plan? -
What if you and your fiancé need to reschedule?
How will they deal with the guests in question?
Do they provide security?
If one of your suppliers (
Flower Shop, master, Baker, etc. )
Not showing up? -
What was the biggest problem they had at the wedding? How did they deal with it?
Finally, money! !
You cover almost all other topics and questions, you may ask the poor at the venue, and we have a more important topic to discuss. The money.
The last thing you want to do is sign a contract with someone without knowing all the facts, no matter how small these facts are.
Ask them to sit down with you at the end of the tour and discuss costs and pricing with you all the way to taxes and any fees.
Find out what deposit you have to put down to keep the location and option to pay the balance. -
Is the tip included in the price or can you decide for yourself? (
Most traditional venues need very high tips from the start.
I will make sure to write a complete article on this.
I really don\'t like tipping anyone.
Tips are the extra rewards people get when they do a good job for you.
It should be your choice at any time. )-
If you want to arrive before their suggested time or want to check in later, is there any overtime pay? What are they? -
What is their cancellation policy if you cancel the wedding? -
Is there a charge for valet service or security at the venue?
They may at least try to slip away some of the fees from you and you want to make sure you know all of them in advance.
Finally, go home and talk to your fiancé before signing the contract, compare the venue, sleep, no matter how excited you are about it.
What\'s really important is to make sure you\'re comfortable with everything when it really comes down to it.
You don\'t want any doubts or surprises.
I really think you will know when the two of you have found the perfect place.
You will be excited, rest assured and fully agree!
If so, you have found it!
Congrats! !
Dress now!
Don\'t forget to check out my article unique wedding venue and save money on your wedding grounds!
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