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Flattened, destroyed, lifeless: True hell of a town called Paradise

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
President Trump and we took a road to heaven.
What he saw could not but touch him.
The fire began a few miles away.
The valley was burnt, trees without leaves, still filled with smoke in the air
Enough to sting your throat and eyes.
Heaven itself is another matter.
It was razed to the ground, destroyed and without life.
The president\'s large convoy was driving on the empty streets, an uncoordinated scene in a town without any human activity.
I found the town councillor in the shell of a store I thought about a week ago.
\"This town is a little older,\" he told me . \".
\"You know there are thousands more missing, and I guess at least half of them will die.
The location is too old to move.
I can\'t confirm, but I know, I just know they didn\'t make it.
\"I hope he\'s wrong.
A parking lot at Wal-Mart is now a temporary shelter.
The whiteboard is full of names.
The other one was added to the list when we shot.
The number of people missing from the California fire has risen sharply.
\"This is ground zero.
\"If you want to see how desperate people are, come here,\" one volunteer told me . \".
Tammy lost her home.
She and her dog, Nell, now live in tents donated to them, just like the clothes she is wearing now.
She cried when she read me the cards the school kids made for them.
The authorities wanted her to move to an official camp, but she was reluctant to move again: \"I \'ve been displaced once and feel like it\'s going to be the second time.
\"But the rain is coming. there is a danger of flooding in the parking lot.
Homeless people will have to move again.
Mother Nature should really give them a break.
Rain will certainly help put out fires that are still burning, but it may also cause mudslides where the Earth is burnt.
Then there are forensic investigators who work in small teams and their white tights stand out from the black landscape.
Their work, identification of burnt bones, seems impossible
Rain will only make it harder.
Before we know the real hell of a town called Paradise, it may take a while.
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