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Four teach you how to safely and efficiently tent method for aluminum alloy fixed outdoor activity

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
We know that want to outdoor activity tent is firm and reliable use for aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy in outdoor activities of awning room is need to be fixed, fixed way can good aluminum awning room fixed outdoor activities? The following outdoor activities of aluminum awning room fixed way, says there comes to introduce four kinds of today. 1. Anchors general cement floor or asphalt can adopt this way of fixed on the ground, on the column base plate using expansion screws to fix aluminum awning room outdoor activities, the fixed way is simple, well fixed outdoor activity aluminum awning room, but the anchors will damage to the cement ground, the ground can be fixed way should consider first. 2. Bearing plate loading for marble and ceramic tile damaged to repair difficult ground mainly adopts the way of fixed and using the bearing plate pressure column base plate, put sandbags on the bearing plate and concrete weight will be outdoor activities such as aluminum alloy fixed awning room, in this way does not destroy the ground, but put bearing plate needs certain space, and relatively use anchors or steel have no so beautiful. 3. Steel the fixed way way is mainly used in the soft sand, mud and grass, general outdoor activity in outdoor lawn structure tent, parks, outdoor activities for aluminium alloy aluminum awning room will be used, fixed with long steel to aluminum alloy nail to outdoor activities frame tent button firmly on the ground, for outdoor activity frame tent is dismantled for aluminum alloy surface leveling. 4. Pumping concrete in view of the long-term use of outdoor activity tent can be used for aluminium alloy this way, it is mainly used for long term storage outdoor tent, workshop for aluminum alloy aluminum alloy outdoor awning room, etc. With this kind of fixed way need to dig a hole on the ground, using the expansion bolt holes and column base plate is fixed in place, pumping concrete.
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